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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2006
Total Employees: 2-10

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or Arizona's licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
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Monday :
6:00AM - 6:30PM
Tuesday :
6:00AM - 6:30PM
Wednesday :
6:00AM - 6:30PM
Thursday :
6:00AM - 6:30PM
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Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)
Additional Details
Emergency backup care
Summer care / camp
Special needs care

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Preschool $ 145 per week --
*availability last updated on 02/06/2016
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Extended Care (Before School)
Extended Care (After School)
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Ratings & Reviews

( 19)
Angela B
We had a horrible experience with kindercare. This was the first time our children had been in daycare. We went and toured at least 10 Daycare's tying to find one to put our children in. It was exhausting! Little Einsteins was the last one we toured. I was a little skeptical and nervous but after entering and talking to Heather and meeting the staff, we knew it was the perfect fit!!! Marci and Heather are AWESOME!! We have 3 children and they love it here. The teachers are so sweet and caring. The cameras will give you a piece of mind. The electronic documenting of everything they do is awesome! Diapers are changed every hour. This is not normal and the state only mandates every two hours! I cannot day enough good things and as a health care professional and a mom of babies I feel safe knowing the care they are giving my children at Little Einsteins!
Sarah L
I realy like this preschool. The staff are nice, the classrooms are always clean and smell nice. The outdoor play area is well maintained and the kids can play longer when it's hot because there's so much shade. I will recommend this preschool.
Cierra L
I think this school overall is great school for my daughter right now. They help experiment new foods with my daughter and help her to feel comfortable to move at a fast pace. They speak Spanish and Sign Language to her as well which is impressive and she is only 10 months.
Cierra G
We are first time parents and when I finally decided to go back to work, I refused to use a daycare. A friend recommended little einsteins, so we decided to take a tour. The staff was friendly and understood how emotional I was about leaving our baby with strangers they were reassuring and comforting. We decided to give it a try, and I am so grateful we did. Our daughter is thriving! She loves interacting and loves see her teachers every morning. They keep us updated with everything she does plus there are cameras so I can log in from anywhere and see her! If you want an awesome environment where your child can grow and they love, we highly recommend little Einsteins preschool
Alexandra Y
They are amazing at handling food allergies! Our little girl has severe allergies and has been there for years. We don't worry a moment about her allergies while she's in their care
Janine Z
Love this little hidden gem! Teachers are kind and the institution is clean!
Travina C
Love this School for my Son.. He just started and the Director Ms Vanessa n staff Apache Junction facility are Rock Stars , My Son Loves all the Teacher I would so Recommend this School A+ in our Book..Thank you Little Einstein for looking out for my Son well being n Education..
Laci S
My daughter really enjoys attneding this preschool. She has learned a lot and made many friends. Being with other kids her age has really help with her social skills.
Casey B
I absolutely love Little Einsteins preschool & daycare. When i first walked into this school located in Apache Junction, the staff was so warm and welcoming. They reassured me time after time how much they care for each child that has joined them at their school. Each one of the teachers my daughter has had, she has loved so much. Between the front desk staff and the teachers, they always keep in contact with the parents/guardians to let us know what is going on throughout the month activity wise and also send out daily emails at the end of the day to let us parents know how their child/children have done that day, what they learned, etc. Everyone is so kind and friendly at Little Einsteins preschool & daycare. The system and activities they have there are so perfect! Not only do you need a passcode to get in to two separate doors for the childrens safety (which is amazing and makes me feel so much better. But they also have live cameras you can log onto on their website to see how your child is doing throughout the day. Me being completely attached to my 5 year old, this eases my mind a little. Even though i know she is in amazing hands!! Also another one of my favorites is they bring a coach/P.E. instructor in one day each week to teach the kids different sports and exercises with is totally awesome. My daughter loves it and i am so glad she is so active there. Their playgrounds are separated 3 ways for different age groups and that is just amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend Little Einsteins Preschool to anyone looking to get their kids learning and interacting with other children. My daughter has learned so much there and I know without a doubt shes going to exceed all areas and expectations when she gets to kindergarten in July. Thank you Little Einsteins Preschool and staff for providing a wonderfully safe and creatively great learning experience for my little girl. We love you all!!

- Casey Brossman
Sherry C
Our kids go to the Apache Junction facility and I couldn't say enough on how great Little Einstein Preschool is. The staff is great and the cleanliness is top notch. The kids have learned so much in the 2 years that they have been going there.
I love this daycare. My son has fun here and is learning lots of new things he always has so many stories to tell. The staff are so good with him and loves seeing them everyday.
Concerned P
This daycare is a joke and quite frankly it is very unsettling that they are still in business and impacting the lives of children. The price is very competitive, one of the lowest costs I've found, however the old saying goes "you get what you pay for".

Our child is always injured by other kids (bites, kicks, hits, "accidents" outside - he has a scar on his face from getting scratched) and constantly states he doesn't like school because he gets yelled at a lot.

I've personally observed teachers putting their hands on him to get his attention, making him give them hugs, picking him up, and violating his personal space even after he says no.

I've personally observed breakfast, lunch, and snacks - these times consist of "teachers" serving food with their bare hands and sometimes utensils (depending what is being served) onto paper towels laid on the tables the kids play at. No plates and the children eat with their hands instead of forks/spoons. One teacher took a handful of bacon and started eating it and then passing out the remaining pieces to kids sitting on the floor.

I've entered in the code on the key pad to walk in, only to find the front room completely bare. Anyone could tailgate or guess a code and walk right into the daycare and grab a kid because the front if often left unattended.

It was 112 degrees outside and when I picked up our child he was covered in sweat and was complaining "I have a headache because it was hot outside and I wanted to stay inside. I just want to play inside".

The emails sent out to the parents are incredible unprofessional and concerning since these are the people in charge of "teaching" the children. Ex: WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE CHANGE IN STAFF AGAIN WITH OUT #'S TEACHER. THE TEACHER THAT WAS IN THR ROOM WAS LET GO ON FRIDAY.FOR THE WAY SHE TALKED AND HANDLE HER ROOM. Ex: we are excited to let u know that we have a new teacher joining our family... thank u...

They have gone through 4 teachers in 6 months in just my kids class alone. Some they have said were not following policies and others they will not say why they left. They are obviously not vetting the people that work there and it is incredibly concerning that teachers keep getting let go for how they are interacting with the children.

If you want a safe, clean, and healthy place for your child to be at 0 - 12 hours a day, don't send them here.
Manager Kari Turner is horrible. Owners notified many times and nothing is ever done. She is rude and completely disrespectful to employees. Can get out of line with the kids making them run to keep them quiet. Sick policy for kids is outrageous, as you have to throw up 3 times before they will even notify you. Please go elsewhere to enroll your children.
I have been sending my kids here for close to a year now, and my kids learn so much here. My three year old is spelling words to me that she learn from school.

I have never been to a day care that cares about kids the way this place does. One of the teachers there saw car and thought of my son, and bought it and gave it to him when I picked him up from school.

My kids are always happy to go here in the mornings. The owner allows them to sit together and eat breakfast and play together before putting them in their separate classes.

The ownership genuinely cares about the kids there, they take pride in what they do. I feel confident leaving my kids there. I love that I can login and see the kids through out the day. I love seeing my babies from my phone. This is saying a lot. I am extremely overprotective of my kids and went through daycare centers once every 3 months before finding this place.

If they have enrollment spots open, you should enroll here!
While the cost is less than surrounding daycare centers, I am very disappointed with the care my son received during the time he was enrolled at Little Einstein. While the staff in the one year olds classroom are generally kind, especially the lead teacher who I do really like, all of the staff need significantly more training in child development and behavior management. They do not have good strategies in facilitating language development or redirecting children to participate in appropriate play activities. During the time I observed by logging in to the camera, it appears staff are more focused on cleaning the room and keeping daily notes current on the I pad. The two year olds classroom is having terrible staff turn over and I was always concerned at the way staff were allowed to talk to children in the twos and threes classes. The twos room is chaotic and staff have been observed yelling at kids with the owner/director in the room. I do believe my son was safe there. He was happy when I dropped him off and picked him up but during the time he was there, he lost most of his communication skills. I believe its because he was allowed to get away with pointing and whining to get his needs met rather that being encouraged to talk. This is again, a training issue.
I work at Little Einstein Preschool and love it there, I left cause my grandma was really sick and had to help care for her. I was there when Lydia work at Little Einstein Preschool and she was crazy and was always talking down to the kids, staff as well to the owners. She was let go cause she left one of her kids outside while she came inside with the rest of her class.

As teachers at Little Einstein Preschool we redirect the kids to other areas in the classroom. But if that does not work then we put them in time out to help keep the kids safe. I would love to work at Little Einstein Preschool again, its the best place to work at. The center cares about her staff as well as all the kids.

Go check out Little Einstein Preschool your kids will be well taken care of and love. Marci is amazing to staff and the kids. I wish I never had to leave work there.
Marci is so unprofessional in a few months she has lost 9 employees her classes are over ratioed. Her sales pitch sounds good but her classes have mixed age groups. Makes it hard for teachers to teach. Marci needs to treat her employees with more respect. Maybe then she could have consistancy and structure in her classes. She is mean to the kids always puting them in time out.
Andrea W
As the first time parent, I had a hard time choosing the right daycare center for my baby girl. Little Einstein is in a convenient location and I was drawn to the low infant to caregiver ratio and to the camera feature because it meant I could log in at work and see my baby during the day. I looked around but couldn't find another center with this same advantage and it gave me a huge peace of mind!

Marci and her staff are so friendly and flexible. They were very welcoming and let me bring in my baby to sit in, meet the caregivers, ask questions, and watch how things work during the day before I made a decision. The rooms were clean and child-friendly and each baby gets his or her own crib. Little babies are separated from the ones who can walk and climb. I felt very comfortable leaving my baby in their care.

I receive two reports each day about my baby's day: one mid-day and another by 5pm. These detailed reports let me know what she's eaten during the day and what time, when she napped and for how long, when she had diaper changes, and even played with other children! I know these are accurate (or very close) because I've watched during the day and although the camera isn't super clear, I can pick out my baby and see when she's playing, in a high chair, napping, or jumping in a jumper. Diaper changes aren't on camera - which is nice for privacy - everything else is in view.

Another great benefit is that food is provided--including baby food and formula!

Little Einstein is a new center and they're making changes as they see fit. A couple of things I think would make the place even more impressive include:
- An even lower caregiver to infant ratio (3:1 would be so nice!) I would love to see more interactive time.
- Some website improvements

The owners are quick to communicate any issues that come up that parents should know about and they are understanding about any concerns parents might have.

Overall, Little Einstein is a great place and the people behind it are honest, hardworking, and really care about kids.
My two kids have been going to Little Einstein Preschool for the last year and they love it. It is a very clean facility and teachers are great. The kids have learned so much since they have been there. They have a very structured environment that my child with ADHD flourishes there. I highly recommend this preschool to anyone that is looking for quality care for their children I also love I can watch my kids from work when i want to.
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