Inspire Early Learning Centers

2891 NE Conners Ave
Bend, OR 97701
541-330-1437 541-330-1437

Inspire Early Learning Centers

2891 NE Conners Ave, Bend, OR 97701
541-330-1437 541-330-1437
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2000
Total Employees: 11-50
Awards & Accreditations
License: State of Oregon OCC Certified Child Care Center since 2012, all staff verified through background checks

Certifications: CPR/1st Aid, Food Handlers, Child Abuse & Neglect,

Staff with steps 5-11 on Oregon's Professional Development Registry (70hrs of training - Master's Degree in ECE)

QRIS (SPARK) 3-star ranking

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or Oregon's licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
The Safety Center has many resources and tools to assist you in verifying and evaluating potential care providers.


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At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
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Ratings & Reviews

( 24)
Truth B
Phone number in previous review was wrong, fat fingers haha! Phone number is 541-330-1437. Unfortunate that the current centers couldn't keep the old number :-/
Truth B
As many in the community have mentioned countless negative comments about the centers, I have some news. The individuals who started this non profit are no longer associated with it. Through many complaints brought up to the board of directors, it became apparent that the Executive director and President were not following the proper guidelines of a non profit corporation and put the center at great risk of closure. Because of this, they were terminated. It is public knowledge that there is an ongoing audit to document these actions. The current board of directors and staff are beyond excited about the changes. Now they truly are a team working together for the betterment of the children there. It must be understood that Crawmers Critters Inc. is the non profit company that is still operating at the current centers with a dba of "Inspire Early Learning Centers. No individuals with the word "Crawmer" has anything to do with this business. There is a Crawmers LLC. That has taken over the website. That is not Inspire or Crawmers Critters Inc. If you would like any further information regarding these changes, you can check Inspire out at or call either center at 541-339-1437
Scared T
I've been apart of this school for a while now and it's clear they don't give a deal about families! All they care about is money money money and it ran like a mill! They now are making mandatory that you have your tuition autodraw out of your bank or you can't attend there! Well seeing as tho we pay tuition a month a head of time is already such is a stretch I have to barrow money from my parents just to make tuition happen. Well I'm sorry a roof over my head comes before your tuition. There is just no heart in this company. The people who did have heart and at least listen and care have left. That's another thing the roll over is insane there! Even down to the director leaving! I've been looking at other places and can't believe how different it is!!
I think this school is ok, my grandkids love it. I do think money is a big issue for them. I think they should let all kids that want to do ballet or soccer do it and not make money an issue. Its not fair to the kids to not be able to be in an activity because there parents cant afford it!!! Again separating the wealthy and the poor!!
Tracy A
Ruth, Russ and their staff have always been great, and gone out the way to help and accommodate! <3
This is the WORST preschool in Bend. The owners are fake and only concerned about the money. They charge their employees rates so high to have their children there that paychecks end up being the child's tuition. So essentially you work for free so your child can attend. The directors are unprofessional and mean. I heard that a new employee was told to shut their mouth and do their job. No questions asked.
The new Highlakes building has NO PLAYGROUND leaving the children playing on concrete. The lead preschool teacher at the Westside also has no interest in teaching preschool children and simply has her job because she is friends with Ruth Crawmer. If I were you I would not send my child here!! It's a horrible school!
Vince C
We have attended 5 pre-school in the last 3 years (job transfers) and have found Crawmer's Critterz to be the best, hands down! They are attentive and safe. My little boy is excited to go everyday and learn more things.
Susan C
I am excited to write something positive about the owners; Ruth and Russ Crawmer. I know them personally and am happy to report they are wonderful and loving people. It's not easy running your own business especially one that involves care of children. They do it by providing a safe, educational and ABOVE ALL STANDARD facility. They personally love children as they have a large family and your child is in nurturing and loving arms when attending Crawme's Critterz. I would recommend Crawmer's Critterz to any family looking for the best care in Bend.
Holly S
I just toured the east side campus and it is amazing!!! I can't believe how hard this school works and dedicates their lives to these children! Art, Music, Circle time, Outside Play, Ballet, Soccer, friendship and more! I was so worried about leaving my child with some other places I've toured. But as soon as I walked into Crawmer's my heart just melted with the sound of laughter and fun coming from all around. Obviously I signed up right on the spot! We start tomorrow in Ms. Asagi's class can't wait for my little bean to learn Japanese!
Hallie L
After our recent move from the east coast, there was a bit trepidation about the thought of finding another child care center for our daughters. Crawmer's did a FaceTime tour with our family, answered questions we had over the phone, worked with us from a distance and helped us feel at ease.

When my girls had their first day, they were excited and nervous. The school was clean and happy voices filled the air. The teachers were excited to see my girls, even on the day. The cross country move was hard for our girls. So finding a place like Crawmer's was a real relief for our family.

Hannah has been here for over a month now and she loves it! On the weekends she begs me to go to school. Couldn't make my heart any happier.

Thanks Crawmers for all you do for my girls!
I love this place! I have had my child here for almost a year now and have and will always have good things to say! I love that my one year old gets to do art, music and more! When I pick him up he at first doesn't want to go, gives his teacher a hug and uses sign language to say thank you! Yes! He signs!! Oftentimes at home I have to ask his teachers what he is signing! Yes we have had had some teachers leave and some great new ones to fill their places. People leave jobs and that's ok. Because I know crawmers is dedicated to finding the perfect teacher to take their place. I highly recommend crawmers critterz! The positives definitely way out the if any negative.
I see that the owners here are educated in the art of bullshit. I don't even have kids that go there nor have I worked there. I have met numerous former parents and employees that can't help but go off on rampages about the horrible care giv n there. The problem isn't the employees its the owners who care very little about the kids and more about the money. The staff turn over is insane. I actually learned recently that a little girl fell out a window and the staff were not allowed to tell the parent. Then shortly after that a child was found (by a parent)hanging out a top floor window. How that wasn't turned in I don't know. As for the other business that was in the building, maybe they wouldn't sell to them because they were not interested in turning there place into a kid factory. Sad they are still in business. People need to go online and make a report at child care division. Just saying
Beware of this school!!!!

All low starred reviews on here are completely accurate to say the least.

Need I say more. I have heard the same thing from several other parents whos kids have attended Cramer's hand have had to move their children due to neglect and bullying issues. A loving and nurturing environment this is not!
I love Crawmer's Critterz! My 5 year old son has been going there for 2 years, and my 3 year old daughter for 1.5 years.

I started volunteering as a parent in the classroom on any weekdays I had off. I thought I would probably just be cleaning and putting things away, but when I showed up I got to help the preschool class study about Van Gogh! I never even thought about trying to teach my (then 3 year old) son about a famous artist, but he learned what a self portrait it, about Van Gogh's style, and got to make so many art pieces of his own. A couple weeks later, my son was singing the ABCs in the backseat... verrrrrry slowly. I turned around to see why, and he was doing the ABCs in sign language as he was singing! Wow. I loved getting to be in the classroom with my son and bring his learning home. Even on the weeks I couldn't volunteer, the teachers always sent an email with pictures and details of the week, so I always felt very involved.

My children really enjoy the new art studio, access to many different kinds of music and instruments, the ballet classes during the year, and having a park nearby to go play. My son is getting ready to go to kindergarten and can already read, and my 3 year old has started writing her name on all of her creations. I'm so thankful for the loving, playful, and educational environment that I've found at Crawmer's. They have had some teacher changes recently, but the new teachers have already created a classroom family feeling after only one month! I'm so excited for Crawmer's upcoming expansion to include a Westside location - I'm sure that many other families will benefit just like mine has!
Melissa S
You cannot find a better place to take care of your little ones. The teachers at Crawmer's truly care about your child's development and well being. It is a wonderful environment for them to learn, play, and grow. Two thumbs up, love this place!
The teachers at Crawmer's are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. However the turn over rate is really high. In the past 9 months my child's class room has gone through 3 assistant teachers. This makes me question administration. So far the administration has been rude and lacks communication skills. They have moved my son classrooms without my knowledge or consent multiple times, I just show up searching for him. We've also lost multiple items there including blankets, jackets and he has come home in other kids shoes and socks. The facility is an old office building and not designed for a kids daycare. It is extremely loud and chaotic, not a good environment for a kid.
Again, the teachers are sweet and I appreciate their care on a day to day basis, but the administration leaves a lot to be desired. My son will be pulled this fall to a more suitable preschool.
Gerardo M
It's a non-profit preschool who cares to much about profit. They care so much they forgot to pay me my stipend. Aside from all the money aspect they do offer a lot of services but the tuition reflects that. To fit all those services offered they do a lot of transitions which is tough on the kids and staff. For a good school for your child look elsewhere. Signed A FORMER TEACHER at Crawmers!
Christina B
Our daughter has been at Crawmer's since she was 6 months old. We have been consistently pleased with our experience here. First, and most importantly, our daughter has been loved and cared for by all of the care providers she has had. She is held, kept clean, snuggled and treated exceptionally kindly by all measures. There are a variety of experiences every day- from music time, to "art projects", to walks in the park to storytime. She has learned many baby signs and the staff at Crawmer's have helped teach my husband and I about childhood development in many ways. The center is clean and well-kept (which again, is no small task given the number of small children running around at any given time).

In terms of concerns about cost, I think that prices are very reasonable for the service that they provide. Knowing that our daughter is in a loving, nurturing environment is priceless.
Reply from Inspire Early Learning Centers
Christina, Thanks for sharing your story. We love having your family at Crawmer's and appreciate hearing about your experience at Crawmer's. I will make sure to share this with our Turtles teachers. They will be so proud. :)
I am so discouraged to hear these other negative reviews that seem to completely mislead potential families about this fabulous daycare. Everything negative is completely off-base and just plain rude.
Null- Sorry but you are way off-base...wish you would have taken the time to actually tour the building and meet the wonderful staff.
Sara P- As a parent of a child there, I can assure you that this not true. The employees are highly trained and treated very well. Everytime I walk into the building all the teachers are happy and always welcome to talk with parents about anything!
Jamie- I am most certain that you have never been to Crawmer's Critterz or you would know that your mean, hurtful words regarding the teachers are false.
Bottom line....I am SO happy with Crawmer's Critterz and will always stand by them and their amazing staff. The level of care they provide far surpasses any other place I have found. They care about the children and offer amazing education, music, physical education, meals, and have very dedicated teachers. I would say to any parent that you take the time to visit this amazing school and I am positive that you will fall in love with it just as I have.
Susan R
I looked here for my infant and loved it! During our tour we watched the infants during a circle time. The teachers were down on the floor playing with colored scarves with the babies. When we toured the rest of the school students in every classroom were playing with their teachers. In one of the older classrooms they were even speaking in Spanish to the children and they were speaking back in Spanish.

The school is currently full and wait listed or we would be enrolled now. My friends have taken their daughter here since she was a baby, so we hear about the school often. When we go to their house there is always something super cute she has brought home on the fridge. Went over Christmas and she has the cutest ornament hanging on their tree made as a Christmas gift a few years ago. My friend always has wonderful things to say about Crawmer's and hope they soon have room for my little one.
Jaime W
My Sister and I checked this place out for our kids and this place is strange. The people are very unhealthy, and seem very uneducated. I would recommend you stay clear of this place as the prices were very high, and they would not give me the prices when I asked for them. Seems a like a weird place.
Reply from Inspire Early Learning Centers
Jaime W,

Thank you for your review. It is interesting you take the time to say our staff is uneducated and unhealthy. I supposed having staff with Master's Degrees could be considered unhealthy by some. We are sorry to hear you are in that camp.

How can pricing be high if you were never given the price? Our prices are not offered over the phone as we have scholarship programs we offer. Families that come in with a financial hardship are given scholarship information and many families that attend here take advantage of this wonderful program.

Thank you for your opportunity to let families know about our scholarship programs.


Crawmer's Critterz Board of Directors
Sara P
This place is a joke. They lie to parents. They mistreat their employees. They are money hungrey and have no business running a day care. In my opinion, these people should not be allowed to run a daycare. Their staff is unfit and uneducated. Please Please Please listen to me, do not take your kids here. They do alot of shady stuff here.
Reply from Inspire Early Learning Centers
Sara P,

Sad to see a competitor rating other schools. We wish you the best in your new day care business and hope others do not treat you as you are treating us. A

As we always say, "Treat your friends how you want to be treated."

To see more about staff qualifications, feel free to visit our website at

Thank you,

Crawmer's Critterz Board of Directors
They recently took over a new building that used to be occupied by another daycare center. They offered to take the building over from the old center, but the old center's owners refused. So they went behind their backs to the building-owner and offered to pay a higher rent.

Old center got the boot, along with 60 kids - all with only 3 weeks notice to the families and the old center's management.

That alone put me off on them, but after going through two other centers in the area that weren't up to spec, I decided to give them a try anyway, in hopes that things might work out.

Their prices are OUTLANDISH. They claim to be non-profit, but their tuition fees are at least $200 more than any other nearby centers, and they require you to pay two months in advance when you sign on, in addition to a $100 per child registration fee that does not go towards tuition. There's another $100 yearly 'equipment' fee that goes up by $10 each year you're with them.

What's more, the old daycare center that used to be setup there, made much better use of the building, and had nicer toys and equipment, while keeping rates much lower.

I'm seriously disappointed. They screwed over a ton of people, are asking for way too much money, and aren't even offering a better service.
Reply from Inspire Early Learning Centers
Dear Null,

While we have never met you or had you as part of our school, we still watned to take the time to respond to your review.

Building Change: The owner of the previous business had known about the change since March of 2012 the change was coming. The old owners came to Crawmer's Critterz in summer of 2011 and asked for them to take over the business and building. At this point they asked Crawmer's to pay a per head price on children, which Crawmer's declined. The landlord then approached the Crawmer's a year later, telling them the building was available. A lease was signed in March and they choose not to tell their parents until May.

Pricing: As a non profit there is a small yearly curriculum fee. Divided out monthly this is $8/mo. There is no increase on this fee. Clients prepay for the upcoming month, to avoid a deposit. This is industry standard. Our rates are competitive for the area. Our rates include gourmet meals prepared by a a chef holding a culinary degree, certified teachers holding ECE degrees, outcomes based curriculum, language immersion options in 3 different languages and drama and music education daily at no additional charge. You can always find something cheaper out there. If cost is an issue, our board offers scholarships to families who are in need. If this is a concern for your family you should let us know when you take a tour so we can get you a financial assistance packet.

Sorry we never met you, but thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns.

Crawmer's Critterz Board of Directors
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