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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 1994
Total Employees: 1

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or Illinois's licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
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Teacher/Student Ratio:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 375 per week 1
Toddler $ 375 per hour 1
*availability last updated on 07/21/2021
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
  • Personal Check|
  • Cash

Ratings & Reviews

( 17)
My 11 month old has been cared for by Deb since he was 3 months old. We have had such a great experience! Debbie is very clean, organized and timely with pick up and drop off. She cares for my son as If he were her own. She is good about communicating how he is doing throughout the day. Deb also makes it a point to take the kids outside when it's nice out. We have had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend!
Donna D
Before returning back to work, my daughter did extensive research to find just the right full time daycare for her 9 month old daughter. After meeting with Debbie Muniz and touring her home, she knew she had found the right daycare and couldn't wait to tell me all about it.
She was very impressed with how clean, safe and organized Debbie's house was. She really appreciated that Debbie made fresh cooked organic meals since my granddaughter had a few food allergies. She also liked the idea that the children get plenty of fresh air and play in the fenced-in backyard whenever possible.
I know first-hand that Debbie does a great job teaching. My two year old granddaughter has good manners, knows all her colors, can count over 10 and is already learning her letters and the alphabet. Debbie also teaches by offering unstructured playtime (no TV) allowing the children plenty of time to play and interact with one another.
Developed social skills is very important before starting preschool, and I believe my granddaughter is already prepared.
Occasionally, over the past year, I have picked my granddaughter up from Debbie's home and have witnessed the genuine love she has for the children she takes care of. My granddaughter always wants to give Debbie a hug goodbye and says, "see you tomorrow ." It's obvious to me the children really are her extended family, and they feel the same way about her. I have gotten to know Debbie as well this year and love when she sends me a surprise picture or a text letting me know my granddaughter is having a fun day!
Most of all, from a grandma's point of view, I love that Debbie has over 25 years of daycare experience. I highly recommend Debbie's Daycare Home to anyone who is lucky enough to have her take care of your children.
She gets this tough grandma's seal of approval!
Sarah K
Both of my children have been cared for full-time by Debbie since they were infants leading into preschool. When finding a care provider for my first, it was important for me to find someone that provided a safe, clean, loving and nurturing environment and Debbie did just that. I have seen how my children have grown and thrived under her care over the years. My children look forward to going to her house and sometimes don't want to come home, but I wouldn't want it any other way - they genuinely love Debbie and being with her.
Diana K
My 19-month old daughter is currently cared for by Debbie. She began there when she was 14-months old. I highly recommend Debbie as a care giver. We consider her as an extension of our family as she cares for our daughter with the same love and concern. She maintains a very clean and organized home and creates a safe and loving environment for the children. My daughter sees Debbie as a home-away-from-home and enjoys being with her. We have observed growth and milestone development in our daughter while in Debbie's care. I know my daughter is in good hands and that has made my return to work a lot easier.
Debbie cared for our infant-transitioning to toddlerhood daughter. Debbie is a caring daycare provider who maintains a clean and loving environment for the children. Our daughter loves going to Debbie's! Debbie made the transition back to work so much easier because I was not worried about my daughter at all! I knew she was in good hands and having fun! I highly recommend Debbie to other families looking for high quality childcare.
Karen B
Our son has been with Debbie for 3.5 years. He loves Miss Debbie and he loves his friends. And we love knowing that he is in a safe and nurturing environment. Debbie has been instrumental in our son's growth and the sweet, caring, considerate child he is today. As we approach our next big milestone, heading off to preschool, we will be sad to leave but comforted knowing he is ready!
Kelli J
We love Debbie and we love sending our daughter to her home.

When we were first trying to select a daycare, Debbie was not only willing, but excited, to take our daughter under the age of 1 years old. She was also willing to work with us on drop off times as both my husband and I have to be in early. When we met her to look at her home, we were immediately impressed by how clean and safe her home appeared. We made a mistake with our interview time and happened to be there while one child was still waiting to be picked up. This turned out to be a blessing, as we could see how much how much he clearly adored Debbie, and how comfortable she was with him.
When we started dropping our daughter off with Debbie, she worked with us to come up with a schedule that would be easiest for our daughter to make the transition at 10 months. She even worked with us on our daughter's dietary restrictions due to her diagnosis of FPIES.
Soon, our daughter couldn't wait to go to Debbie's house! Debbie gives us updates and sends photos as well. Her instincts are incredible and a true testament to both her expertise and passion for caring for young children. One of our daughter's first words was Debbie, and we couldn't be more delighted. When we pick her up, she blows Debbie kisses goodbye and sometimes doesn't even want to leave!
It is fun to see all the wonderful things she learns at her house. At the risk of sounding like a boastful parent I will still divulge that I am told often how well behaved and how nicely our daughter plays with other children, even young babies. I credit that to Debbie.

I cannot speak highly enough about Debbie's professionalism and the personal care you and your child will receive when you send them to Debbie's Daycare Home.

We are thankful for her every day!
Rochelle K
Don't even try this place. The women is rude and wouldn't even answer any questions. Then she just hung up. Seems shady and unethical
Reply from Debbie's Daycare Home
Sorry for your bad experience but don t think you spoke to me . I don t treat anyone that way . You must have me confused with someone else .
Alyssa A
I highly recommend Debbie. She is a pro. My daughter joined Debbie's daycare when she was 5 months old and in her care she has blossomed into a loving and well-behaved 19 month old. Debbie treats kids like her own and you can see that she really cares for each child. I know my daughter is in great hands, getting the care that she needs, every day that I drop her off.
Jamie W
Debbie's Daycare Home is the perfect fit for our family and I'm so glad a friend of mine recommended her. Debbie cares for my daughter and the other babies in her care as if they were her own. She really gets to know each baby and is very flexible with accommodating each baby's needs. Our daughter started daycare with Debbie when she was five months, and Debbie helped her learn to sit up, hold a bottle on her own, begin eating solids for the first time, and much more. I never have to worry about my daughter during the day because I know that she is in excellent care with Debbie. It is clear that cleanliness and safety are really important to Debbie, as her home is always very neat and baby-proofed. Debbie sends text messages if needed to provide little updates on my baby's day so that I don't feel left out of my daughter's day. I'm extremely happy with the experience we have had with Debbie- I highly recommend her daycare.
Breanna H
My husband and I highly recommend Debbie's Daycare. We were so lucky to have her care for our daughter, who started there at age 6 weeks until we sadly had to relocate from Chicago. Our daughter was quite fussy, as babies can be, but Debbie worked with her nonstop to ensure her comfort and happiness. Debbie is very professional and always on her game, helping and making great suggestions for first-time parents. Even at only 6 months of age I could tell our daughter really enjoyed being there.
We always felt Debbie took wonderful care of our daughter, treating and loving her as if she were her own. She always gave updates throughout the day so we'd know how everything was going, and expressed interest in her well-being even when our daughter wasn't there.
I'm still looking for a new caregiver in our new city, with no luck yet. After Debbie my daycare standards and expectations are so high!!
Erin G
We found Debbie's Daycare through a glowing recommendation from a friend, and are so happy we did! Our daughter has thrived under Debbie's care (in fact, one of her first words was "Debbie"). She is excited to go to daycare each day and has learned to interact well with other children. The house is always very tidy, and they play outdoors whenever they can. Debbie loves each child as if he/she is her own, she even checks up when our daughter is home sick to make sure she's alright. We appreciate how flexible Debbie is with our work schedules and how patient she was with us as new parents. Leaving my child with someone else all day is very difficult, but Debbie provides updates during the day which makes me feel better, and I know she is in good hands.
Jung K
My two children, now 2 and 4, were with Debbie from 5 months on before transitioning to preschool. They LOVE Debbie and talk about her. I initially started my son there for socialization, and she did a fabulous job with him, and then my daughter. They learned letters, songs, even some addition and subtraction. They ate well and napped well for her (though not always for me, ha). She also provides a warm, but firm, environment. We still use Debbie periodically, and my son asks to see her all the time. A couple of times, I have joked that my daughter (the 2 y.o.) needs some Debbie discipline, with all of her tantrums and acting out lately! :) We were genuinely sad to leave Debbie's daycare, but our preschool and work schedules just didn't allow us to keep going with a daycare.
Elizabeth H
Debbie cared for our three children (now ages: 7, 5, 3) from ages 6-8 weeks to 3-4 years old as we transitioned them to pre-school. They love Debbie and would miss her on the weekends when she cared for them and never complained once about going, which was important since that was my proof that they felt loved and respected. She organizes fun activities outside and inside her home, and she prepares healthy food for them. My son was diagnosed with a gluten issue, and she worked closely with us to ensure he was eating appropriately. She potty trained and taught them their numbers, letters, colors, etc. They have a loose schedule of activities throughout the day, including singing songs and telling stories. It's a great environment - a balance of learning, socializing with other kids and family nurturing. I enjoyed getting updates about the kids throughout the day, as it made being away from them easier. As a working mom, it meant a lot to me to know that my kids loved their day and were growing as individuals. I highly recommend Debbie.
Liz A
I am writing to highly recommend Debbie Muniz's home daycare for your young children. Our almost 3-year-old son has been in her care since he was 9 months old when I returned to work. Of course, this was a difficult transition for me, but Debbie did everything she could to keep my mind at ease. She happily updated me when I inquired during the day and, until well into toddlerhood, she provided a daily care sheet.
Debbie provides a cozy, loving, safe environment for our son and a few other young children. Our son adores the other children at her home and she supports the children through the ups and downs of being in a group as a young child. I appreciate that she only cares for children up to the preschool age. I strongly felt that I didn't want the after-school kids coming in and disrupting the rhythm for the younger children. Our son looks forward to going to Debbie's and misses her dearly when he hasn't seen her in awhile (winter break--I work in schools).
Debbie has patiently supported our son through his different stages, always reassuring us when we hit a rough patch, that this is exactly what is supposed to be happening at that time! :) Our son has had to use an inhaler for breathing issues, and she takes great care in ensuring that that is managed to the best it can be.
Debbie shares stories from the day at pick-up, which I appreciate greatly. Now that our son is talking, it is fun to hear about their adventures from the day from him as well. They spend their day dancing, reading, taking walks, and playing! She knows each child and truly loves each one of them.
Debbie has been providing care for young children for over 18 years and is a licensed home daycare provider. She has many long-term families who would also offer great references! She is located in Galewood, just north of North Ave.
Melissa E
My son was at Debbie's Day Care for 3 years and I could not have asked for a better place for him! Debbie is loving and the children under her care become part of her family. My son loved being with her and looked forward to each day. He played outside, interacted with other children, danced, and played. There was never a dull moment and the activities changed so the kids were never bored. Most importantly, he felt special and loved. Debbie's home is immaculate and very inviting. An in-home day care is the perfect balance - children get the socialization they need while still having a close bond with their care takers. Debbie is the best and I highly recommend her!
Maria K
My daughter was in Debbie's Day Care from age four months until three years (when we relocated temporarily to another city). I have only wonderful things to say about Debbie and the care she provided for my daughter. The physical setting of her daycare is perfect--she has great space for the kids to play in (with two different play areas inside, as well as a nice outside area). Her home is always spotlessly clean and organized. Debbie is fantastic with infants and young children. The kids spend their day with, to my mind, the exactly right mix of playing and learning. As a first time mom, I always felt incredibly lucky to have Debbie as a resource and sounding board in answering my questions about how to navigate the challenges of parenting. Debbie has a calm temperament, and she creates a warm and happy environment for all the kids in her care; this environment flows from her ideal mix of love, discipline, and structure. You would be fortunate indeed (I know I felt that way every day that I dropped my daughter off at her house!) if you could place your child in her care; she is professional, dedicated, responsible, and exceptionally good at what she does.
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