Amie's Angels Daycare

5 Circle Drive
Conroe, TX 77301
5 Circle Drive, Conroe, TX 77301
936-499-0605 936-499-0605
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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2006
Total Employees: 2-10

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Program Details

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 180 per week 1
Toddler $ 180 per week 1
*availability last updated on 10/09/2018
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Ratings & Reviews

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Jessica W
My daughter (16 months old) went here for 2 months. Everytime I saw Amy she was always saying how the day was so hectic, and it always looked like it when you walked in. She was constantly having problems trying to get the babies and toddlers to have good nap times since, while she claims to have 2 rooms, it is actually one room separated by the changing station and a child gate. She expected the toddlers to "sit quietly and watch TV" during the infant nap times (which caused the infants to be awakened regularly since toddlers don't often just sit quietly for an hour and don't make any noise). Then, in turn, the infants were often cranky during the toddler nap time, waking up the toddlers. (Keep in mind, I am repeating to you the explanation that SHE gave me as to why the days were hectic and my daughter didn't get good naps. Obviously she thought this was an acceptable explanation.) All of this chaos sounded even more ridiculous as she constantly reminded me that she's "been doing this for 9 years", which only made me feel like she should "have it together" by now! Regardless, I ultimately decided that this daycare wasn't for my daughter primarily due to the fact that she closed at 5:30pm, and I always had to hire a babysitter to pick my daughter up since I worked too far away to make it on time on days that I worked. At that point, I probably would have given her a 3 star rating. Upon giving Ms. Amie 3 weeks notice that my daughter would no longer be cared for at Amie's Angels, what little professionalism she had went right out the window. The very next day she told me that she had in told my husband that my daughter's shot records were not up to date but "I guess he just blew me off". Which wasn't true because he called me while he was standing in front of her when she told him this, and I told him that her appointment was the following week, which I heard her say "OK" in the background. (So basically, I don't know why she made a rude comment about my husband blowing her off?) Despite this, I called my pediatrician the same day and got a signed document from her stating that my daughter's shots were up to date and submitted it along with a copy of the CDC requirements for the shots that Amie claimed were delinquent. Amie still claimed we were missing shots. The problem was that the 2 different shots series came in either a 2 or 3 shot series and a 3 and 4 shot series, depending on the brand. (Which was stated on the CDC forms I submitted to her) My daughter received the brand requiring less shots for both series. Which she kept arguing with me about how she'd been doing this for nine years and knows how many shots they need (very frustrating! Especially since she was mistaken and even insisted it was wrong with a statement from the pediatrician ) It just seemed like she was looking to give us a hard time suddenly.
After all of this, one day my babysitter that often times picks my daughter up when I'm working late, forgot that she was picking up my daughter one day. Of course, I get a rude call from Amie asking if I'm picking my daughter up today. All I could do was apologize, as I was in traffic in The Woodlands, and told her I would be there ASAP. She huffed a couple times and said that she had an appointment and that "her help" would be there with Madilynn. I told her again that I was very sorry that my babysitter didn't show up and that I was on my way from The Woodlands. I picked my daughter up and apologized to Britany (the "help", who was always very nice, by the way) for keeping her late. When I got home I noticed that my daughter's neck was very red like she had been pinched in her neck very hard! I texted Amie immediately and asked what happened (Amie was more quickly reached by text rather than phone calls), and Amie said she didn't know/didn't see her neck, but that she and another kid we "fighting in the tunnel" (a caterpillar tunnel in the play area) over a toy and that my daughter bit the other kid, and that's probably when it happened. I was furious! I told her that that was unacceptable that she didn't tell me about it earlier, and that I felt like her behavior had been unprofessional from the moment that I gave her notice, and that my daughter deserved the same care as if she was not leaving and the same attention as the other kids when involved in something like that! The first text message I received in response from Amie was "Excuse me??" Followed by a long text stating that she was going to tell me, and it was my fault that she couldn't tell me because I was late picking my daughter up, and that "her help" was absolutely NOT allowed to talk to me about anything. Only Amie was allowed to discuss anything with me, and she has been running her day care for 9 years and she will continue to run it as she sees fit. I did not return my daughter to her care a single day after that.
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