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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

FREE no obligation in-home assessment - Minimum 3 hours of home care services. No long-term agreement required. REDUCED overnight rate.
In business since: 2010
Total Employees: 11-50

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8:00AM - 8:00PM
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8:00AM - 8:00PM
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8:00AM - 8:00PM
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8:00AM - 8:00PM
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Program Details

Companion Services
General companion care
Medication reminders
Meal preparation
Grooming assistance
Light housekeeping
Live-in services
Respite care
Personal Care Services
Bathing, dressing, grooming
Transferring and positioning
Transportation (medical)
Feeding and special diet
Skilled Nursing Care Service
Alzheimer's/Dementia care
Stroke care
Medication management
Parkinson's care
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Cost & Availability

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Short shifts
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  • Long term care insurance

Ratings & Reviews

( 35)
Margaret R
I wholeheartedly recommend A Plus Quality Healthcare to attend to and address needs of adults with disabilities related to age and medical issues. My brother is deaf and has had a series of strokes and injuries resulting in physical conditions that make it impossible to live on his own, but thanks to A Plus, he is now able to take part in many of the activities of daily living. His aides have consistently gone above and beyond in making sure he's healthy, well-fed (thanks Meme), clean and entertained. I sleep better at night knowing that my brother is in good hands when I'm not able to be with him. Hats off to those who care!!
Marty P
Tiffany and Sonja run a class operation. They were always very responsive to and empathetic toward my father-in-law's needs and concerns. He was fortunate to have been assigned Nie (can't recall her last name) who became his rock solid Angel on Earth. Nie even looked in on him after he left Emerald Pond for a rehab facility...a true sweetheart and connection to the outside world.
Steve K
My parents moved into Emerald Pond in the fall of 2018, and since then, A Plus Quality Healthcare has been doing a wonderful job of taking care of my mother. They are friendly, attentive, discrete and professional - to say nothing of just being the nicest folks! It is tremendously reassuring to know that mom is being taken such good care of. I highly recommend A Plus.
Carl R
A Plus Quality Healthcare is a stellar home care agency. My father was a resident of Emerald Pond and the caregivers with the company are compassionate, diligent, caring and attentive to the needs of their clients. Ms. Sonja and Ms. Tiffany always kept me informed of my Father's progress and caregivers were cognizant in recognizing symptoms related to my dad's ailments. Every member of the staff was professional and courteous. I would highly recommend A Plus Quality healthcare to anyone who desires the care and dedication that one would provide for their own family members.
David H
My Mom lived at Emerald Pond almost 3 years. We relied on the caring staff at A Plus for much of her daily care needs, enabling her to remain largely independent. A Plus caregivers cared about her well-being in a holistic way and often went the extra mile to help her and show compassion and patience to her as her physical condition worsened. Their dedication to ensuring on-site care would continue when the power was out and many roads were closed stands out, as an example of their professionalism and experience, by doing what's important to provide care.
Marcia T
Wonderful group of caregivers! They provided compassionate and loving care for my Sister and Mother, and continue to provide that care for my Mother-in-Law. The owners are knowledgeable, caring and always responsive. I recommend them to anyone needing caregiver support!
Kevin M
We have been using A Plus Quality Healthcare for over a year. We are extremely satisfied with their service and professionalism. When we needed extra care they found just the right people to help. They are dedicated to providing excellent care and we highly recommend them. Thank you for your continued service and helpfulness.
Omar A
We relied on A plus for my dad's care needs from September 2018 until he passed away December 2019. My dad had Parkinson's dementia which required 30+ hours a week of care. A plus was able to provide quality care and we're able to adjust as my dad's condition progressed. They were also able to provide 24/7 care in our home while we were on vacation. I'm truly grateful my dad was able to stay in our home and receive quality care from people that cared about his well-being and were seamless members of our household. We tried other popular service providers and had bad experiences. Without reservation, I recommend A Plus for in-home care.
Rick S
I will start by stating that I am a big fan of A Plus. My mother lived at Emerald Pond as an independent resident for about 5 years and then had a disabling stroke which left her unable to walk or transfer. My mom begged to return to independent living with the help of A Plus, and we tried it for 2 months. In the end my mom could not stay there but Sonya and Tiffany and the A Plus crew provided excellent care for a challenging case. I recommend them without hesitation.
Susannah Z
The folks at A Plus have been taking care of my dad for almost a year now. They have all been a constant and reliable source of comfort and support during a very stressful time. My dad can be difficult and non-compliant, yet he's still treated with dignity, kindness and respect. I can get regular updates about my dad via the A Plus online family portal, and Sonja or Tiffany contact me immediately if there's a more urgent issue. I have 100% confidence that my dad is in capable and professional hands. Our relationship with A Plus means that I have peace of mind knowing my dad is being well-cared for so that I can focus on my four kids and our crazy lifestyle. I am incredibly grateful.
Veronica J
I'm a concerned family member .I recently hired APlus for my mom and they're not experienced their workers aren't experienced and I'm just not pleased with their service .I didn't like the way they handled the job I gave them . tiffany and Sonya made fun of my family member knowing that she had dimentia. They have in their bio that they have 9 years in this business but when they actually work with your parents it shows they have little experience when working with dimentia .Ive watched them many times and I don't like the way they treat my family member and other people.
Reply from A Plus Quality Healthcare
This is a bogus review. After contacting to see who Veronica J is, informed us she is a non-member. Veronica never requested A Plus to provides services for her mother. Please feel free to contact Tiffany or Sonja if you have any questions regarding A Plus Quality.
Please read the great reviews below.
Thank you
Sonja & Tiffany
Vivian M
As a geriatric care manager I work with home care agencies frequently. When my client selected A Plus Home Care to help her with activities of daily living, she picked an outstanding team! A Plus staff members are patient, trustworthy, always professional, and kind.
Vivian M
As a geriatric care manager I work with home care agencies frequently. When my client selected A Plus Home Care to help her with activities of daily living, she picked an outstanding team! A Plus staff members are patient, trustworthy, always professional, and kind.
Dr. W
Tiffany and Sonja are the best. They have taken kind and compassionate care of my mom for several years now. I highly recommend them. Wish we had more people like them!
Jimmy B
My wife was beginning to show signs of dementia in 2010 which was subsequently diagnosed as Alheimer's. I was her lone caregiver until late 2014 at which time I contacted Tiffany Smoke and Sonja Tucker who had started A Plus Quality Healthcare. They had been recommended by friends and they became her in-home caregivers for the next 18 months. They could not have been more kind and compassionate to her. In addition, they strive to hire employees who have those same qualities. I am giving A Plus my highest recommendation.
Nan F
A Plus takes excellent care of my dad, who has Alzheimer's. His spirits have improved since I started working with A Plus; he smiles more, laughs more. They bathe him, keep him neat, treat him with respect and kindness. I'm super happy with A Plus. Excellent!
Jane M
A Plus provides excellent quality healthcare for your loved ones. Whether it is brief daily care or more extensive end of life care, the aides were professional, kind and skillful. They are the best!
Stacy N
We were referred to Sonja by someone who had used her services for his parent at Emerald Pond. We had used another service for my mother who suffered from dementia and needed assistance in many areas. I noticed the difference immediately. My mother was clean and well groomed and her room neat and tidy. We used Sonja's service for several months until my mother required residence in a locked facility. Sonja was always one step ahead. She recognized problems before they happened and offered workable solutions. She was able to find quality staff after hospitalizations and on short notice when my mother required more care. She runs a business that is ethical, caring and provides quality service. I would recommend her service without reservation for senior care and also perhaps for younger people who might need short-term assistance after hospitalization for instance.
Sandra C
Tiffany assisted us with selecting the right providers to help my mother after returning home from hip replacement surgery. She initially needed 24 hour assistance, and gradually transitioned to being able to live on her own again. We loved the personal attention from this amazing group of professionals. I would highly recommend their services.
After my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, towards the end of her treatments, she needed a lot more care. A friend had recommended Tiffany and after meeting with Tiffany and Sonja, we knew they were a perfect fit. Her care went from a few days to daily to 24/7 and their whole team was wonderful. They gave excellent care to my mom, were always reliable, friendly, and efficient.
Lynn D
A Plus Quality Healthcare is a very professional healthcare provider that has been such a blessing to our family. Our parents needed help with their activities of daily living and I was very happy with how the aides interacted with kindness and concern for the care of our parents.
Jean T
APlus has been a life saver. My Mom is 95, and clearly needed supervision in the mornings with both a shower and dressing. The women truly like my mother and take time helping her pick out clothes. I am so grateful to have help! I use to worry every morning wondering what was happening and when the phone rang, my blood pressure went up! Now I know I will get a text message from APlus if there is a question or concern. Thanks you so much for all you do.
Anita G
APlus was incredible to work with. They helped with care for my mother. My husband and I were still trying to work and were concerned about her caring for herself during the day. Sonja and Tiffany were thorough with their assessment and placed us with Kay. Kay was wonderful with my mom, watching her yet letting her maintain her independence as much as possible. Their care was kind, compassionate and respectful at all times. They were also very flexible when my moms care needs changed. Sonja and Tiffany frequently checked in with me about any issues or concerns of which I had none. They live up to their name. It truly is A+ Quality care.
Spencer M
My father lives a days travel from me, and the A-Plus group has filled a tremendous void in my father's day to day lifestyle. Their attention to detail, flexible schedule, and willingness to help as been a blessing. Thank you Sonya, Tiffany and A-Plus Team.
Ed H
We used A Plus services for our mother/mother-in law, during her last months that she was alive. The care that she received was wonderful. She balked at it, at first, but then grew warm to the idea of having someone around. We had a lady named Kay and Isabel thought very highly of her. We were very appreciative of the care that was given and we would highly recommend them to anyone.
Rollin B
One of the best if not the best healthcare agency in the area. Sonja and Tiffany are so caring, responsible, and knowledgeable in the care of so many different kinds of illnesses and conditions.
Their team is so responsive to your needs.
as a doctor myself I have been so impressed with their knowledge and care-giving skills. And we have experienced their services with our family member- so trustworthy too.
Wife and I highly recommend them.
Trustworthy, caring, loving, gentle, supportive and understanding are just a few words that come to mind when describing A Plus Quality Healthcare. Our family is grateful for their amazing care of our parents.
Sandy S
"A Plus deserves their name. They regularly go above and beyond, providing caring help, keeping us informed and treating our mother as I believe they would their own family members.I feel very comfortable recommending their services!

Mike Morse, Durham"

Victoria H
A Plus Quality Healthcare was a lifesaver when I assumed the care of my Alzheimer's stricken father. They were so very caring and compassionate, but also impressively able and responsible. Care is not a job but a calling for them and it shows.
Reply from A Plus Quality Healthcare
Thank you for allowing A Plus to provide quality services to your father.
There are so many options for elder care from Assisted Living to Skilled Nursing. We had both my parents in Assisted Living for 6 months but found the personal care was just not there as well as the quality of life. We found Independent living with caregivers to be the answer. A Plus Quality Healthcare was our first choice and we were so lucky to obtain their services for the past.3 years.

The quality of care goes way beyond the medical aspect. All aspects of assisted daily living was provided as well as emotional health. On occasions where extra emergency coverage was needed (dad hospitalized) they were right there meeting our needs for mom. The team is knowledgeable and real quick in picking up behavioral changes when illnesses develop.

I cannot even count all the times where they went over and beyond with the services provided.....Inclement weather, going through trash looking for dentures, Holiday coverage and more.

There is very little staff turnover and all training is done by the administrative staff as well as continued supervision.

They were never viewed as an agency but more as our extended family. You will not regret having this team for your loved ones.
Beki S
This is an amazingly wonderful group of dedicated caregivers. They cared for my parents for 4 years and we came to rely on them like family. I have no hesitation in recommending them 100%!
Pam A
A Plus Quality Healthcare is wonderful and we would recommend them highly. We have used them for several years assisting our mother, starting off slowly and gradually increasing their services as she has begun to need more assistance in her day to day needs. Their team of care givers are all great and truly seem to care for their clients. They take such good care of their clients from making sure their appearance is clean and neat, down to making sure they have their jewelry on for the day, noticing things that don't seem to be quite right about their normal behavior or how they are feeling, to noticing things such as when toiletries are getting low, time for a perm. or a hair trim, to nails needing to be cut. They stay in contact with their client's family and familiarize themselves with family members and regular visitors. They treat their clients like they are family and because of this they help to reassure them when they feel lonesome or can't remember when family was recently there. We are very fortunate that we found out about them.
Sharon P
My mother's caregivers from A Plus were caring, loving, respectful and reliable people. The owners were supportive, available and willing to address any issues I had.
Claudia F
Amazing! Reliable! Professional! Excellent Communicators!!!! Don't spend time looking for another healthcare team. A Plus covers all bases with A+ caregivers, service and reliability. They've cared for my mom for close to two years and I've stopped worrying about whether she was ok or not. I know she is ok with A Plus Quality Healthcare assisting her daily. Hire them to help care for your loved one and you will rest easy.
Marty H
Very good company. The staff is reliable and dependable. They took care of my mom and I never had to worry about any thing.
FREE no obligation in-home assessment - Minimum 3 hours of home care services. No long-term agreement required. REDUCED overnight rate.
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