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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2012
Total Employees: 51-200

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Ratings & Reviews

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Diane C
A Place at Home was referred to us by a social worker when our family knew our parents couldn't stay in their home without help. It gave our family peace of mind knowing that someone reliable from your company was there when they needed them. They would even make my mom her favorite potato soup. We would recommend A Place at Home to anyone looking for care for their elderly parents who wish to stay in their homes.
A Place at Home is a wonderful company. I recommend it to anyone looking for help for a family member.
Danielle P
I started working for A Place At Home as a caregiver 2 years ago. I since then have had the opportunity to grow within the company and start working in the office. The care values of A Place At Home really set them apart from other home care agencies. All the office staff truly cares about each individual person whether they are an employee or client. I could not have found a better company to work for!
Jessica F
I was introduced to A Place at Home by a friend who worked for them. I have had friends in the past that have referred me to work where they work, and I never felt the magic they did about the company. This time is different. From the time I started, A Place at Home has been amazing. They have worked with my schedule, provided me many opportunities to grown and learn new parts of the business, and are always there to listen/provide solutions when I have had an issue or question. The support that I feel at A Place at Home truly makes it feel like a family. The management and Owners have cultivated an environment where you really feel like you are part of a tight team. I love working for APH.
Leigh C
My grandparents had home care through A Place at Home and after they passed away, I read through their care notes. The care notes were so detailed and I could bet money, without even knowing who the care notes were about, that they were for my grandparents. That's how detailed they were. I spoke with the CEO, Dustin, 3 years after my grandparents had care provided and he remembered them exactly. Even though it was three years ago, he was able to confidentially describe who they were. It was very comforting.
Amber D
I have worked for A Place At Home for almost 2 years and I enjoy working for them. The way that the staff put you with clients that are compatible to me and the clients. I also love how the companies is flexible with scheduling and when an emergency comes up with family. One example that I can give when the staff worked with me was when I was in a car accident and was off for 1month when I was released to go back to work I still had my job and was able to go back to my primary client.
William H
The wonderful staff at this fine company helped me (as they still are) through the absolutely most difficult time of my life. I had been taking sole 24/7/365 care of Jacy, my dear wife of 54 years, who was struck down by the awful dementia of Alzheimer's, or another equally wretched form of dreadful slow-onset dementia.

For five years, I was able to keep my love at home. Toward the end of this period, symptoms - gradually at first, but much more quickly near the end - accelerated.

Eventually, early this past July, it became necessary for me to seek help. Our real-estate agent, herself a nurse, is whom I turned to for help. Immediately, Sherri said, "There is only ONE company in Omaha; it is the

Soon, "A-Place-at-Home" was in OUR home, trying desperately to help my wife (and me, now a trembling lost soul). The acceleration of the horrible symptoms quickened. It was obviously necessary to find a well-staffed quality "memory-care" institution. "A-place-at-home" helped my wonderful children, to find the perfect place.

Jacy was there for a short time - seven weeks only. Things in, and for, her mind were cascading into an ever-quickening sad state. My woman always has been astute and "in-charge." She knew, and made her own decision that it was time to "begin dying." She would neither eat, nor would she get out of bed. It became obvious that it was time for Hospice.

The Hospice group that my friends at "A-Place-at-Home" recommended were also a great support organization. Jacy was within hours of passing, but these Hospice people were quick to educate me about the "processes of dying." It was quick, YEARS too quick for me, but all my support team knew what to advise for me and my kids, now successful adults themselves.

Coincidences (actually Miracles) happened. I was a wreck, but able to at least "pay attention" to the wonders that were happening around me.

"A place at Home" was there for me. So was the Hospice crew, and the memory care team. Also the funeral home folks. (Jacy had prearranged, 18 years ago, all the details and costs for her, and my own, end-of-life preparations.) There was a second nursing team involved near the end. They, too, were terrific.

NOW, A-Place-at-Home folks are keeping track of me, and my progress through my grieving process. Jacy and I were totally close, best friends, "only" friends actually (other than our great kids and our sweet kitty). Topaz Cat, I still have, thank the Lord. She is joined up with our friends at "A-Place-at-Home" to make sure I do not "get into trouble." I hope they all realize the difficulty of THAT task.

I am more than willing to try help another family who may face the scary difficulties of dementia, home care, institutional care, and the process of dying - for one of their own. Start out with "A-Place-at-Home" is my advice. Get my phone number from them, if appropriate.

I've "been there, done that"; it surely hurts inside, and you all will need the kind and loving care available at this fine organization.

Remember, if "It" happens, "It" is real. Accept that "It" - IS actually our Lord. S(He) is watching over each of us. Always has been, is now, and ever will be. Jacy is especially - now - an integral part of "It."

So are YOU.

William Holmes
Sarah Y
I truly can't thank everyone at A Place at Home enough for all they've done for my family throughout the past few years that we've been utilizing their in-home care services. Their team has been amazing in every way and we've honestly viewed many of the caregivers as an extension of our family. The care and love that the staff and especially the caregivers have shown my parents has been remarkable and our family has appreciated it so very much. I cannot possibly imagine how we would have gotten through the past few years without you guys. Thanks for all you do!
Ronald M
Getting Well at Home

I was sitting in the Neurosurgeon's Office. He was describing surgery I needed to reduce the pain in my back. He said the surgery was common and was not difficult but there would be a long recovery period when I would have to protect the healing process. During that time I would not be able to bend, lift any weight over 10 pounds or twist my back. Impossible, I thought. Neither my wife nor I could live in our home under those conditions.

But the surgery was necessary and we scheduled it for a day several weeks later. As the time passed I worried about that recovery period. Who would do the laundry? We could cook, but we could not run the dishwasher without bending and lifting. How would we ever manage without going to a nursing home?

That's when we heard of A Place at Home. We spoke with the company leadership staff. They were interested in my problem and told us about the services they could offer. We reviewed our situation with Paula, Chief Nursing Officer and Melissa, the Office Manager (who is also a nurse) from A Place at Home. In just a few minutes we had a plan, and I quit worrying about how I would get through the first weeks of recovery. I chose a plan that brought a health care professional into our home for a few hours each day.

Then we met the charming and efficient young lady who was to help us through those days. She was a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She had experience working with people with needs similar to my own. She fit right into our home routine. She was supported by the company nursing and office staff when she needed it. We went for walks and practiced balance activities. She helped with the laundry, kept our kitchen clean and functional, and did anything we couldn't do that required bending, lifting or twisting. With her help, we got through all those steps in recovery that seemed overwhelming when we were planning my surgery, and it was all done at home. We were very pleased with her work and the relationship we had with the other staff of A Place at Home.

I don't expect any surgery in the future, but if it happens you can be sure that the first call I will make after meeting with the surgeon will be to A Place at Home to plan for my in-home recovery.

Ron Meyer
June 24, 2013
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