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Brenda L.|Winter Haven, FL

$10-20/hr 68 yrs old

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Hello, I worked as a home health aide a long while ago in West Virginia, from 1974 to 1976. I stayed in private homes and would help patients with all areas of their lives: baths, feeding, dressing, medications, and helping them through the sleepless night and talking with them. My last patient was 94 years old. She had never been sick and never saw a doctor, not because she was poor, but because she did not see the need for them. She had an unfortunate accident and fell down her spiral staircase. She broke her hip and was just very unhappy. Her son, who lived in another city, could not come and take care of her. She had a full-time housekeeper, but she could not stay with her 24/7. So they hired three of us to help. She seemed to take a liking to me and would only have me stay with her at night. For over a year, I never slept in my own bed. I was 25 years old, married with two children to raise. I found that I could not put my feelings aside as some people can and had to change jobs. I have always taken care of family and friends. I moved to Hopewell, Virginia with my family. My mother-in-law came to live with us. She had terminal emphysema. We were told one year, but she and I struggled through hospital stays, bouts of pneumonia and infection for seven years. Even though she was confined to a wheelchair, we still went out. She went to movies, shopping, wrestling matches, and she loved it!! When I took her to the hospital the last time, they refused to let my husband and my brother-in-law in with her. She told them only her daughter could go in. For seven years they thought she was my mother. I guess I did a good job taking care of her. I had no regrets. In 2002, my second mother-in-law started getting ill a lot. I took care of her as I had my previous one, with love and compassion. She too past away from cancer. In 2004, my loving husband became ill with liver disease. He was ill for a long while. He had good weeks and months. Then he would go down hill and back up. Shands Hospital had told us he would need a liver transplant in four to five years. In 2006 in August, they said three to four years, and he was gone the next month. He really tried to fight it but the ammonia levels spread to his brain, and he was delusional. God spared him by taking him as quietly and as painlessly as possible. He went in his sleep as I had always told him he would. I have not had training since the 70's. I would only be of help with companionship, compassion, understanding, and as a good listener.
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