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Photo for Over Night Sitting For Dogs And House Sitting For This Tuesday And Part Of Wed!

Over Night Sitting For Dogs And House Sitting For This Tuesday And Part Of Wed!

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I have a sitter that will Do over night Sunday and Monday and will be leaving early Tuesday morning I need some one to take over from there for Tuesday day and over night stay till wed and leave around 5 p.m. wed. I would need you to come Meet my older dog today as I am leaving tomorrow and I just want him to get your scent down. Also so I can meet you and go over some things about the dogs and what they can and can't do Sorry this was short notice but my person for Tuesday and wed fell through If you are interested please replay back ASAp And we can set up a time today Ty Maya Drogo - Chesapeake bay retriever 3 yr old Male Radar - frenchie pup 4 months old Male Playful with each-other and very sweet once they get to know you You need to feed the frenchie in his own otherwise Drogo will eat his food and the pup will go hungry No walks , but can go out in the pen and the patio that is fenced in. My youngest one can not go out on the grass yet for walks And I'd rather just walk my big dog my self so a few days is no biggie as Long as he gets out and plays in the fenced in area and plays with Radar. Radar can not be out In the heat super long some time I spray a hose around if he is in the pen he likes to play with the water or keep a bowl is water out on the patio to drink from Make sure their bowls in the house constantly have water and lay down pee pads around house if he is playing inside since he still isn't Quite potty trained They seem to Yes parking