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Jinx Merlot, LLC

5250 Highway 78 #750110, Sachse, TX

Feathers: $15 Keep your pet in the height of fashion with new feather extensions. These nifty and trendy feathers attach to your pet's hair where desired and stays in until the groomer takes it out. No more falling out from scratching. A La Carte Services Furminator: $15-$30 Keep your pet's shedding down with our deshedding package. When used regularly, the Furminator package can reduce your pet's shedding up to 75%. Don't pass up this opportunity to get rid of most of the hair in your house. Blow Pens: $10-$15 Give your pet a cute stenciled color with these new blow pens by Espree. These stenciled-on shapes last until your pet's next bath. Hair Dye: $15-$100 Give your dog's hair a boost by dying it different colors. Hair dying is a popular trend that pet owners use to add some color to their dog's life. Start off by dying just the ears or tail and then upgrade to more intense hair dying if desired. (Note: This color is permanent and has to be cut or shaved off of your dog so it's important to pick the color and style wisely.) Dematting: By quote only Sometimes your pet's hair can get tangles that turn into mats. These mats and tangles can sometimes be brushed out but in some instances they must be shaved. It takes extra time to demat your pet because it can be painful and the groomer must go slowly; therefore the price for this extra service will not be given until the groom is finished. In some instances, a dematting charge will be added even if the pet is shaved because to shave a severely matted pet, you must go slow and be very careful to avoid injuring the pet. (If requested, an estimate can be given at check in.) Deskunk: $20-$40 Has your furry friend been sprayed by a striped fiend? Fix this problem today with our deskunk service. This will leave your best friend smelling fresh ... but please note, it may take a couple of baths to completely rid them of the scent, depending on how severe the encounter was. Special Handling: $5-$40 Does the grooming process upset your furry friend? Jinx Merlot can get them through the grooming process by taking the extra time your pet needs to be comfortable. In this case, there will be an extra charge if this service is needed due to the extra time involved. Scissoring: By quote only When leaving your pet's hair longer or doing a specific haircut, some extra scissoring time may be required. This service will be priced at the end of the groom depending on how much time was spent on the cut. (If requested, an estimate can be given at check in.) Upgraded Shampoo: $5 Jinx Merlot provides multiple shampoos for all skin types because every dog is not the same. We provide oatmeal, medicated, hypoallergenic, whitening, flea and tick, and degreaser. You can choose the shampoo that best fits your pet's skin type. Bows/Bandana: $2 Give your pet some style with cute bows or a fancy bandana. This is sure to make your pet feel special. Nail Grinding: $10 Nail trimming is very important for your pet's feet and keeps your pet's nails under control but sometimes this can leave your pet's nails scratchy and uneven. Nail grinding fixes this problem by rounding off the edges of the nail leaving them smoother and also taking them shorter. Nail Polish: $3 Give your pet's nails some color with this fast-drying nail polish guaranteed to spice up your pet's feet. Toothbrushing: $10 Keep your pet's mouth healthy by brushing t
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