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Pacific Grooming Mobile Pet Salon's Photo

Pacific Grooming Mobile Pet Salon

1309 E. Romneya Drive, Anaheim, CA

Pacific Grooming is a full service mobile dog and cat salon providing personalized spa and grooming services to fur kids living in Anaheim Hills, Brea, Orange, Villa Park and surrounding areas. We offer breed cuts, personality grooms and comfort grooms for older pets right at home. We also work with local vets to facilitate skincare treatment regimens. Most pets are groomed in one to two hours right outside your door.

All packages include:

* Tranquil and quiet environment
* Clean and sanitary surfaces and tools, disinfected after every stop
* Happy Hoodies to muffle the dryer
* Warm hydro-massage and exfoliating scrub
* Skin conditioner as necessary
* Brushing/deshedding for 15 minutes
* Brushing of teeth with enzymatic toothpaste
* Trim and smooth nails
* Cleaning of ears
* Sanitary trimming of groin and paw pads
* Conditioning finish spray

Bath & Brush Package includes all of the above and starts at $65, and is based on size and temperament.

The Refresh Package includes all of the above, starts at $75, and adds a light trimming of face, ears, tail, legs and feet. Perfect for those that don't need a Full Groom, but just a freshening up of the prior groom.

The Full Groom Package includes all of the above, starts at $85, and adds a precision haircut or groom of the owner's choice

Mobile pet grooming is a convenient option for families with multiple pets, anxious pets, or older pets that are difficult to transport. By choosing a mobile groomer, you not only save yourself two round trips to the grooming salon, you save your pet from the stress of being in a cage for long periods or being exposed to other pets' potential health issues or parasites. We disinfect and sanitize the tub, table and all tools between visits in order to provide all of our pet clients with a sanitary environment.

Treat your pet to a relaxing grooming experience in a tranquil state-of-the-art environment, using premium eco-friendly products tailored specifically to your pets' unique needs. From Yorkies to Doodles, we groom them all with love and a tender touch. Pets aren't just a business to us, they're family, and we'll treat yours like one of ours!

I love making pets more beautiful and comfortable, and take every measure to ensure that the process is as pleasant and stress-free for them as I can possibly make it. If you are a pet owner looking for personalized service designed for your pet's safety, comfort and well-being, you will find it all here.
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