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Boston Street Animal Hospital

2304 Boston Street, Baltimore, MD

Your pet is your best friend and your lifelong companion. At Boston Street Animal Hospital, we understand the special bond you share with your pet. He or she deserves only the finest veterinary care available and Boston Street Animal Hospital is committed to treating your pet with care, compassion, and the latest veterinary medical techniques.

Located in Baltimore, MD, Boston Street Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital providing care for dogs, cats, and pocket pets. Your pet receives complete veterinary wellness care, vaccinations, advanced surgical care, and complete dental care at Boston Street Animal Hospital. We utilize advanced diagnostic equipment, including digital x-rays, along with laser therapy and other alternative treatments, to provide your pet with the best care.

Boston Street Animal Hospital opened in 2009. Our modern veterinary facility is large enough to provide advanced veterinary care and the latest medical treatments, but small enough to offer your pet the personal, individualized care he or she deserves. We are committed to enhancing the quality of care for pets and their owners in Baltimore City.

Whether your pet is in for a routine exam or a major surgical procedure, he or she is treated with the utmost care. Your pet s comfort, safety and well-being are our highest priority. Our doctors and the Boston Street Animal Hospital staff have years of experience caring for pets. We know your pet is a special member of your family and we look forward to working with you to keep your pet healthy and happy, now and for years to come.
Celtic Caretaking's Photo

Celtic Caretaking

414 Light Street, Baltimore, MD

Celtic Caretaking was formed on the combination of one person's two greatest passions: Irish culture and a love of dogs aka Cu in the Emerald Isle's native language. The former provided the brand, the second provided the focus on excellent service for you and your pups.

In ancient irish legends, heroes and heroines put themselves or were sometimes put under geasa-steadfastly held obligations or codes of conduct-that they strove mightily to not break and always abide by. Like them, Celtic Caretaking is under solemn oath to care for your pets and property to the best of my ability for an affordable price.

Celtic Caretaking's slogan is "We treat your Cu like you do." With its core trinity of "C"s, it's underlying philosophy is Consistent, Compassionate, and Competent handling of your animal companions. The man behind the service, Andrew German, has a lifelong love of animals. Decades of experience as a dog owner as well as independent research have gifted him with a deep understanding of how their minds work and how and what their body language communicates. He is in the process of gaining certification as a vet tech from Harford Community College and is certified in both Animal First Aid and CPR and Massage Therapy for Animals. Eventually, Celtic Caretaking will evolve into a full-service animal caretaking company including but not limited to in-home veterinary treatments, "animal taxi" to vet appointments, and at-home grooming.

The services Celtic Caretaking offers range from walks by the distance or by the time(I average a mile in 20 minutes depending on dog's ability), drop in visits with or without potty walks, pet-sitting, both by check-in and overnight stays, and basic command training, using the Victoria Stilwell method of positive reinforcement. Unfortunately, I do not offer pet boarding at this period in time. At the current moment, I operate through Rover, but eventually plan to become licensed as an LLC independent of the two service providers. I have my own comprehensive set of tools for the job, including clickers and treats, whether allergen free, low-calorie green beans, or standard for training, leash with attached waterbowl, poo-bags, water and treat holding bottle, and harnesses in three different sizes and a light-up collar for both late-night walkings and sittings and am insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates.
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