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Margaret W.|Saint Louis, MO

$20-50/hr 4 yrs exp 58 yrs old

Part Or Full Time Childcare Giver

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Hi - just having some trouble with the website - I'm available part or full time, weekdays and weekends, in case that isn't clear in the schedule section of my profile! I have had the privilege of sitting for a great little guy for the past year, and am so amazed by his growth and development! Although I maintain an appropriate professional distance, I approach every job with the same enthusiasm, seriousness and silliness that I have with members of my own family. My daughter has been my first priority for 17 years. She graduated from a fantastic high school this year and gained early acceptance to what is considered to be the best drama school in the world. I am showered with compliments about what a wonderful, mature, kind, intelligent, talented person she is. Several of her teachers have told me that she is perhaps the brightest student they've ever had. I'm particularly proud of the compliments I hear recently about times she has been in a position of leadership, in the areas of theater and social justice. She carefully builds an atmosphere in which all criticism is absent. She strives for (and achieves) a tone in which every student feels mutually-supported and safe, in order to take constructive chances in discussions and on stage. The level of enthusiasm, the talent that students discover in themselves, and their ability to articulate their truth in both concrete and artistic ways is truly amazing to me, and according to countless parents, faculty and members of the St. Louis community, it is amazing to them as well. I provide glowing references from previous employers. I have a natural tirelessness (that I have to work to manage, truthfully!) when it comes to interaction with children of all ages, and many many many people call me "Mom". I am in tune with every developmental stage of childhood, and believe in approaching each child every day in a way that most everyone has the tendency to assume is an over-estimation. Having done so successfully for over 50 years, I do so with assurance. I develop a relationship in which kids learn integrity, consistency, trust, safety and self-care first. Once those elements are in place, I take a "Humanities" approach, as I myself was raised with the concept that a happiness is the best undercurrent over which to learn and live. I bring hilarious and thoughtful pieces of life to every child I work with, and alternate in very conscious fashion between structure, intellectual stimulation and adventure, in myriad but always appropriate ways, from every type of music, to the very most entertaining Sesame Street videos, to little-known parks, to turning a healthy lunch (preferably organic) into a wondrous collection of chef-made action figures, to dollar-store toys, to appreciating the wind, to learning how to pet the dog carefully, to indie-rock and how to form your own band, to slip and slides and the best trees to climb, to assessing the power-balance that exists between any two children and how best to handle it. I have found that it's best to have a brief introductory conversation by phone, to talk about your parenting style and your objectives for your child, and am always honest about whether I think I can provide what's important for your family. Then I find it's best that I spend an hour or so with you and your child/children, on a day during which you're not pressed for time, to make sure it's a great fit for everyone. I would love to talk about working with your family, and do my best to respond to Care. com messages within 12 hours of receiving them. Thanks for your consideration, feel free to contact me with any questions you have, and I look forward to speaking with you and meeting your family.

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