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Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider In Chandler

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 06/18 Chandler, AZ
About who needs care: My client (Jim is a polio survivor, amazing person. He loves sports, music, westerns and good humor. An ideal day for him is as follows: MORNINGS: care person (male) arrives at 630am and helps him get out of bed, lifting required from bed to wheel chair. He has a catheter and requires switching of catheter bag from night bag to smaller day bag which straps to his leg (night bag emptied in toilet and hung up) He's then wheeled to bathroom, and backed in over his toilet where he is set up with a tv tray for his phone, tv remote and water bottle. Once he is settled care person begins preparing breakfast, bacon and eggs with cherry tomatoes. Client is self sufficient during this time only requiring flushing of toilet for BM, and water bottle refill. For the sake of expediting process he eats his breakfast at tv tray in bathroom about an hour after care person arrives. He can either then feed himself or be fed by care person. After he's done eating he's given his meds/vitamins, and his stuff to brush his own teeth. Care person would then wash his face with wash cloth and soap, and then dry his face, pull him away from toilet and assist him with wiping from bottom of chair where there is sufficient access. He's then wheeled back next to his bed where another lift is required to carefully place him in the bed. He cleans his own perennial area with 2 wet wipes, and catheter tube is switched back over to larger night bag for the reminder of the day and he is ready for his leg braces. Braces are placed next to him on the bed, he leans to his side and care person tucks braces under his body where he can then roll over into the braces with some assistance. His body and legs must then be set comfortably in his braces (client is a great and patient coach well able to explain the movements and techniques necessary for braces install) He is now ready to be dressed. catheter bag is pulled through leg of sweat pants first then pulled up carefully, once pants are on he is the sat up and the final lift is required to sit him in his powerchair. The care person would then put his socks and shoes on, and gently lift his legs one at a time to further settle him in his braces. The remaining steps are as follows: hang catheter bag on bar under his power chair, put on his shirt, brush his hair, put some lotion on his face, quickly remake the bed, light clean up of dishes from breakfast prep, make him bottle of soda with ice, plate of chips and cookies on kitchen table and that's it! The client may ask for a few quick additional favors on your way out, the entire process from start to finish once the care person is familiar and comfortable with morning process is under 3 hours.. EVENINGS: care person arrives at 5 p.m. and puts one of Jims premade meals in the oven. His shirt and shoes are removed in the room then he is lifted into his bed to be undressed. His braces are removed then he is lifted into his wheelchair and wheeled back over the toilet with TV tray. Care person would prepare a simple salad, all ingredients would be prepared and pre-cut to just be thrown together. He eats salad at TV tray, then he eats his main course at tv tray. After his meal he is provided with his nighttime medication and items to brush his own teeth. He's then wheeled away from the toilet, and wiped if necessary. He is now ready to be lifted from wheelchair into his bed, provided with his night time items, phone, radio, Kleenex etc. Finally, a light clean up of kitchen, loading and running dishwasher. Evening process takes 1-1.5 hours. And he is all set for the rest of the night. I am his full-time care person and will be available for anything that is needed the shift would be every Sunday morning and evening. About the care needs: A good humor easygoing personality that matches his own would be good. Would have to be able to physically perform the lifting no other puppies are interest specifically are necessary.
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