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Live In Nanny

Full Time
Looking for a new live in nanny for our family! We need someone by 1/15 I'm a midwife with crazy unpredictable hours and my husband works 4-10 a.m. Tue-Sat. We are also dealing with health issues so care during dr appts is needed as well. We have a spacious 4/2 home in west Jax. We have pets. Our kids: 7-month-old girl- she's the easiest baby we've had 3-year-old boy- has so much energy and needs one on one time and lots of outdoor play 6-year-old girl- such a cuddler and will make you laugh 9-year-old girl-super smart and a little sassy 11-year-old girl- super mom in a small body, she is the biggest help and so kind The perks: Your own furnished bedroom with Smart TV, WiFi, laptop, printer, iPhone 8 with unlimited data, food, personal products within reason, trips and meals outside of home fully covered, use of our vehicle and a family that will treat you kindly and with respect. You can attend online college or even on campus locally while living here. The Job: Care of the kids in our absence. Keeping the house clean (we only expect you to keep it how we have it) Driving older three children to school and to their dad on weekends. Making sure kids do homework and chores. Keep your bedroom CLEAN and pick up after yourself. Be respectful and kind to us and our children. Occasional errands Rules: No boyfriends in our home when the kids are home. Limited use of your phone during child care (last nanny spent more time on phone then interacting with the kids) No smoking No teaching children religion other than the one we follow.( We are laid back Jesus lovers with sailor mouths) Please contact us ASAP if you feel like this would be a good fit for you.
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