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Freida B.|Elizabeth City, NC

$10-20/hr 10 yrs exp 70 yrs old

Full Time Or Part-time Caretaker

I took care of my mother when she was at home before she was admitted to the nursing home. At that time, my mother was a single amputee. I was trained to use the hoyerlift and how to take care of the sore on her leg each day with a solution. My mother had diabetes, so I learned how to check her blood sugar with a blood sugar machine. If my mother needed a shot of insulin, I gave it to her according the number of units the doctor said to give her. My mother also had high blood pressure, so I checked her blood pressure with the blood pressure machine. I gave my mother her medicine. I gave my mother a bath, put diapers on her, and dressed her. I washed the bed linens and I had those washable pad with wings and was able to pull her up in the bed. I turned my mother over every two hours when she was in bed at night, which prevented her from getting bed sores. I fixed her meals and washed her clothes. When my mother had doctor's appointments, I rode the intercounty transit bus with her. When I brought my mother home one weekend, I had assistance come to the house. We used the hoyerlift to get her out of the bed, to the wheel chair and into the lift chair. I had a vest to put on her to keep her from falling out of the chair. She was a double amputee at this time. We used the lift to get her out of the recliner chair into the wheel chair and then we put her into the bed. The next day we used the lift to get her up and put her back in the lift chair and before she returned to the nursing home, she was put back in the bed and changed and then we got her up and ready for the bus to pick her back up Sunday evening. I use to change her in the lift chair, which it took two people to do. I was shown how to wash her and put a diaper on her in the lift chair by a CNA. I would also put Aloe Vista Skin protectant cream on her. When my mother was at home, my mother had dementia. I was still able to do for her. When my mother was in a nursing home I would go there and do her personal hygiene. When my mother was transferred, I did her personal hygiene and made sure she was dry at all times. I also took care of another patient in Winslow Memorial Nursing Home. I feel passionate about what I do. I had my mother at home for years and when you put them in a nursing home, they do not get the proper care they need, Tender, Loving, Care

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