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Photo for Nanny Needed M-F 7:45-3pm For A 5 Year Old And 18 Month Old - We...

Nanny Needed M-F 7:45-3pm For A 5 Year Old And 18 Month Old - We...

Full Time $14 – 17/hr Starts 12/06 Tulsa, OK
We casually follow Montessori principles in our home. Our goal is to invite independence, and foster care for self, others, and their environment. We aim to parent gently, and would want a caregiver who is able to provide gentle discipline as well. LGBTQ+ accepting is a must for us. Our youngest enjoys helping, and often sweeps or helps with tasks like feeding our dog. He loves to explore outdoors and go for walks. Our oldest loves being in nature as well. She also loves to play Minecraft and a few programming/coding games she has on her iPad. She is a natural engineer and is able to understand concepts above her developmental age. She is passionate about building, construction, and making projects (we save some of our recycling for her to build things with). Our youngest is very well adjusted and very well adapted. He needs continued social support and opportunities for order, helping, and exploring. Our oldest will need support with schooling and emotional regulation. She is extremely bright and also extremely passionate, and will need exposure to hands on learning, experiments, and projects. We will support with any necessary materials for both children. Our oldest will also need support with opportunities to understand order, and manage time. Our caregiver should be creative, consistent, and patient. It will be important for our caregiver to share their order and calm with our children, invite exploration, and maintain safety for both children. Our caregiver should be able to establish routines and provide order: inviting consistent opportunities to do things for themselves, model how something is done, and establish daily routines for self care and other activities. Our caregiver should feel comfortable supporting academic learning for our oldest, and be able to drop off and pick up from outside activities. Our home is accessible to public transit and has parking available. We have one dog who is a medium sized mixed breed. She is very intelligent and has learned several commands like stop, go, come here, sit, wait, outside and to give her paw without much training. She is excited to meet new people but settles after getting to know them, she's great with our kids and calm during the day with periods of activity (mostly asking us to throw her ball, and the kids LOVE this activity)
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