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Part Time $14 – 25/hr Starts 06/02 Buffalo, NY
2/1 condo w/small kitchen Deep cleaning and regular cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom and cleaning the floors dusting and trash removal I'm looking to hire someone who is here to work I will be most impressed by punctuality goal oriented tasks being mindful of my things and not breaking them. Understanding that I am a creative person and quit it is the last thing on my mind and that I'm OK with that and I need you to be OK with that. There are tons of projects around the house, please be mindful of my lifestyle and that no it's not how most people live, but, everyone is different. Sensical placement of items and able to make good decisions on your own. Looking mostly for: effectiveness, mindfulness, truth worthy, hard working get the job done and quit frankly I'm not looking to talk unless it's answering a question to a task, during the appt time, I grew up with housekeepers and am very used to being home with people working around me. I don't need to hear what you think I need to be doing, rather, I'd like to see what you've done in the amount of time you're here and that I'm satisfied and comfortable with you. I have a lovely little dog she's 13 and we can be here or not. I do not have a schedule - I move at my own pace. I am a creative and that's how I make a living for myself :) No harsh chemicals please! Happy to buy anything. I have great cleaning stuff, I just don't use it. Looking for someone long term, so, we'll have one appt and see how it goes! Thank you Yes Bunz: 13 yr old Maltese, she's super cute and friendly, has no teeth, emotional support dog. Betta fish: 6 of them in different tank. We don't spray much in here. LOTS of plants.
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FAQs for housekeeping jobs in Buffalo

In 2021, how much do housekeeping jobs pay in Buffalo, NY?
The average pay rate for a housekeeping job in Buffalo, NY on Care.com is $16.75 per hour as of June 2021. This rate may vary depending on the size of the home and if you will be bringing the cleaning supplies.
How can I find housekeeping jobs near me?
Care.com has 48 housekeeping jobs in Buffalo, NY. You can search local jobs by distance from Buffalo and compare your options by hourly pay rate. You can also choose to sign up to offer your housekeeping services and wait to be contacted by families with job offers.
How can I get a housekeeping job in Buffalo, NY?
The best way to stand out to families looking for a housekeeper is to be detailed with your Care.com profile. It's not enough to tell families that you do thorough work as that is expected of anyone they're looking for. Instead, list the special housekeeping skills you have, such as how far are you willing to travel around Buffalo to get to work, if you are comfortable with pets being in the house while you clean, or using eco-friendly products.