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Patty's Home Preschool - Laguna Hills's Photo

Patty's Home Preschool - Laguna Hills

Cross Street Los Alisos Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA

Starting at $310/wk

Patty's Home Preschool is a licensed and Accredited facility for 14 children. Infant/Toddlers/Preschool/Pre-K. Over 30 years experience. Dedicated to provide quality care and encourage children the love of learning so they could excel in Kindergarten and beyond.


Academics / Language / Writing / Social and Emotional skills.

**Patty's Home Preschool is dedicated to providing a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows children to develop at their own pace.

**We believe that children need to have a positive self-image. We foster that image, along with their developmental growth in the areas of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills, through a variety of group activities, individual play, and quiet periods.

*Accredited Preschool Facility.
*Infants (9 months) to 7 years old.
*Full-time only, Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
*Educational Programs.
*Qualified Preschool Teacher and staff.
*Small teacher child ratio.
*Year-round school.
*Individual Tutoring provided.
*Advanced curriculum, dedicated teacher for each child.
*Teach each individual child how to behave, respect and get along with their friends, teachers and parents.
*Introduction to second language (Spanish) 1 year to 7 yrs old.
*Affordable tuition, safe and nurturing care.
*Private playground, fully equipped with play gyms and age appropriate outdoor accessories.
*Summer Program (fun activities, educational reviews and water play).

*****Check out our website and encourage to call us and visit our facility*****
Beloved Moments Family Home Daycare's Photo

Beloved Moments Family Home Daycare

1838 Peabody Drive, Falls Church, VA

Starting at $340/wk

Welcome to Beloved Moments!

Our home daycare has been a part of family's lives for over 20 years. Our goal is to provide a place where children know they are accepted, loved, protected, and wanted. We want to help instill a strong sense of self-worth and purpose in every child.
We make sure that each child has numerous positive experiences and interactions everyday through our interactive schedule and teaching techniques. It is our goal that when the day is done and the children go home, they feel happy and proud of themselves; eager to tell you about their day to you!

We believe that children need to be treated as individuals and feel safe and secure with opportunities of learning through play, interacting with others and being involved in making decisions.
Children need structure but also freedom that allows creativity to develop and self-discovery to occur. We allow children to learn at their own pace and choose their own hands on activities to help them learn and grow.
We encourage independence and personal responsibility by requesting kids to clean up after themselves.
Good communication between parent and provider is a very important part of our quality day care.
It is because of this we are committed to creating a strong bond with you and your child. We want you to feel completely confident and reassured when you leave your child in our care.

Each child is different, unique, special and will be treated as such.

Each day we feel privileged to have the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a child, to join in their laughter, and to be included in their day to day activities.This is how we have chosen to spend our days.
We look forward to being able to keep your children smiling and hopefully yours too!
We are open Mondays- Fridays from 7:00Am - 5:30pm and nights from 6:00pm-11:00pm
Saturday and Sunday we are open from 6:00pm-11:00pm

If you have anymore questions please feel free to call me at (571)888-2270
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