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MD24 House Call

5700 Market St, Prescott, AZ

MD24 House Call offers a wide-range of innovative medical services to elderly patients, in particular, that allow them to maintain their independence and quality of life in their own home. We bring the doctor(s) to you!
MD24 House Call is a network of Board Certified physicians that provides medical services to residents in their home, including senior retirement communities, group homes and assisted living facilities. We work with national labs and local pharmacies to bring a comprehensive on-site coordinated care to the residents. Thus, alleviating the stress and hassle for the family, and the communities having to transport their loved ones out for doctor visits. Ultimately, we thrive to prevent hospitalization and ensure the continuity of care through regular visits. We equip our clinicians with our patent-pending physician-centric platform with integrated electronic healthcare records and tele-medicine. It enables our physicians to be virtually anywhere and provide quality of care for our elderly population. More importantly, we bring podiatrists, psychologists, wound specialists, outpatient physical and occupational therapists to you.
MD24 House Call is for you if: You are sick and would like a doctor to come to you. You prefer to avoid communicable diseases. You would like to avoid heat exhaustion,.You are unable to get a timely appointment with your doctor. You would like more personal time to yourself and/with family. You want to lessen the chance of being hospitalized. There is NO additional cost to you to sign up with MD24 House Call. All billing is done straight to your insurance company - no surprise fees or bills. We accept most insurance plans (Medicare, Medicare with supplemental insurance, Medicare with Medicaid, and a large variety of private/commercial insurance) and we will verify your coverage prior to seeing you. If you already have a primary care physician, you can sign up with MD24 House Call for our urgent care services. We take the time to really know our patients. No more waiting two hours for a 3 minute office visit. Our provider's schedules are made around each individual patient. We now serve Prescott Valley, Prescott, Sedona, Cottonwood, Flagstaff and surrounding communities.
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