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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - My Grandfather Russell...

Full Time $20 – 39/hr Starts 09/12 Greensburg, PA
About who needs care: My Grandfather Russell has dementia borderline Alzheimer's. His care is mostly listening, and bathing him. Other care would be tending to sores, getting him to take his pills, and memory care. Russell is a stubborn man, but very sweet and funny. He has kidney failure, has had gut surgery diverticulitis, has had knee surgery but can still walk with a cane (which most days he refuses to use or thinks he can walk without it), he has fallen and has VERY FRAGILE skin it tears extremely easily, even from leaning on walls. He is in heart failure due to his age and heart attack when he was in his 60s, as well as can be aggressive and mean at his stage of dementia. He has gotten violent once and has been known to be grabby towards women. His dementia has degraded his memory, most days he doesn't know what has happened in his life, where he is, who is family is, what he looks like or even how to cook for himself. With cooking for himself he will say he can but he has set the kitchen on fire and tried to eat chemicals. His normal day is a day by day basis but he will awake from about 6:30 am; get a cup of coffee, eat, take his pills and put in his hearing aids with someone to talk to. At some point he falls asleep again but wakes up and needs some reassurance he is home, he will sit on our front porch for a long time. Then get some lunch and chats some more. If he needs a shower get a shower (preferably in the morning but he doesn't like to take one too early). He would need assistance with showering and cleaning himself he does wear a diaper. Maybe go for a drive at some point which he will fall asleep on, driving around south greensburg to jog his memory. Later sitting outside again on the porch; at this point an aid may leave but the rest of his day would be to have dinner. Then watching western movies in his TV room and fall asleep. Then to go lay down in his bed and rest for the most part of the night. Russell always gets up and down through out the whole night, he never sleeps more than 1-3 hours straight. Russels hobbies are few and far between with his mind but they use to include: walks, sports, watching western movies and sports, reading the news paper, fishing, joking around and organizing his home. Most of which have been dropped due to his physical and mental capacity. We are preferably looking for a women to care for him, he doesn't respond well to men but anything would be great! Another factor that should be known is Matthew his son and I Margaret his granddaughter live with him full time. I am going to college and Matt is retired, however Matt has had a stroke and is not quite capable of aiding to Russell. He believes he is but to have another person would be helpful. His stroke as affected his emotional and processing region of his brain, he knows how to care and is himself. Matt just doesn't know how to be patient and kind with his father. If you are interested please contact us ASAP. About the care needs: A sweet personality and someone who is very interactive. He likes the quiet at times but ultimately likes someone who will talk and listen to him. Some specialized skills would be bathing, care of sores, an understanding or experience with dementia, even wrapping with gauze his legs swell and need wrapped occasionally. Services needed include: companionship, feeding, and bathing / dressing.
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