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Full Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 12/05 Dallas, TX
General Purpose of Job: - The Nursery/Child Caregiver's primary purpose is to give warm and loving care to the children of LHUMC families while their parents are attending functions at church (e.g., Sunday worship, Bible studies, church meetings, MOPS etc.) - On Sunday mornings and MOPS Fridays Caregivers work with children ages birth through 5 years. - During the week, Caregivers work with children ages birth through 6th grade. - At all times, Caregivers are expected to follow a defined set of policies & procedures for the area, which address health, safety and child development issues. Abilities: - Loves and is able to care for all age children, able to communicate with children, parents, coworkers and supervisors, read and comprehend simple instructions, read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and procedural materials, apply common sense understanding to carry out written and oral instructions, problem solving skills needed, pick up babies toddlers when needed General Duties & Responsibilities - Maintain a friendly, yet professional relationship with parents - Treats all children equally, not showing favoritism, accepting all at their individual levels - Works in a comfortable manner with parent helper volunteers, and/or other teachers, offering guidance in positive way - Does not give unsolicited advice - does not share gossip with parents - Returns child to parents with only positive comments (e.g., "We had a great time today") and/or loving concerns (e.g., "I think Jane might be developing a diaper rash.") - Greets children enthusiastically, by name, at the door when being dropped off by parents - welcomes everyone with a smile - Interacts with children throughout the time by playing games and entertaining children - Takes the initiative to implement activities as necessary (e.g., singing songs, giving snacks, etc.) - Listens for children's cues and responds accordingly - understands children's anxiety - Maintains respectful interactions by speaking with children at their eye level frequently - Attentive to own tone of voice, refraining from abusive, sarcastic, or uncontrolled tone - Is mindful of a continuous, patient attitude while working with children - Makes the children a priority and does not focus on other Caregiver personal issues - Attends Caregiver Enrichment training - At the end of the shift, ensures condition of room is left ready for the next day or event - Changes diapers as needed, following appropriate procedures (i.e., using gloves, hand on child while on table, washing hands, disposing of diaper, cleaning table) - When feeding children, gives attention to the child and holds child properly when applicable, is careful to feed what parents have instructed, does not feed to pacify - Complies with directions as given by Nursey/Childcare Coordinator and/or Dir. of Children's Ministry Additionally Duties & Responsibilities - Caregivers are expected to maintain a level of professionalism. Professionalism is exhibited by: - Having a neat and clean appearance - Maintaining excellent attendance and proactively notifying the Nursery/Childcare Coordinator, who maintains the schedule, in times of absence - Arriving at church promptly at beginning of the shift and clocks out promptly at end of shift - Demonstrating flexibility and is ready to help where needed - willingly move to other rooms to fill in for an absent teacher or assist if a room is overwhelming - Demonstrates cooperation and a commitment to team spirit - Sharing responsibilities with other Caregivers, understanding that the entire team of Caregivers is responsible for the children in room - Maintaining a positive attitude, and does not complain, gossip or refuse direction - Maintaining integrity by being truthful about hours, sick and personal leave - Takes responsibility for own errors, is trustworthy and respects the property of others - Demonstrating dependability by performing responsibilities as promised and does not require constant reminders.