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Jessica G.|Barnegat, NJ

$10-25/hr 3 yrs exp

Dog walks and Pet Sitting

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am an animal lover. I believe animals are as much a part of a family as any child is and I would do just about anything for them. I currently own a number of cats that I rescued as strays and took in off the street, as well as, a dog (also a stray that I found, who nobody claimed). Within the past 5 years, I have also owned guinea pigs, mice, and fish. I have had the very fortunate experience of delivering 3 litters of kittens, one for a pregnant female with a difficult pregnancy. I also know how to administer a variety of medications for cats, dogs, fish, and guinea pigs (pills, liquids, powders, fluids, and shots included) and am very comfortable doing so. I am also capable of caring for special needs animals, as one of the cats I own has seizures and cerebral hypoplasia. One important thing to note is that I am trained in First- Aid. Although caring for a human is different than caring for an animal, some basic principles still apply. As for dogs, I am comfortable with all breeds. I have owned all the sizes; small (mutt), medium (Keeshhound), and large (Boxer and Rottweiler). Although I have never cared for animals outside of my family or neighbors, I have cared for animals all my life and I believe it would be worth your time to give me a call. This past May I graduated from Georgian Court University with a B. S. in Biology. In the coming months I will begin concentrating on attaining a second bachelors, acquiring a surgical nursing degree. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. God bless!
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Marissa T.|Barnegat, NJ

$15-25/hr 7 yrs exp

DOG LOVER Ever Since I Was Very Young. Available Part-time As A Dog Sitter And To Give Your Dog The Love And Care He/she Deserves.

When I was younger my neighbor had me take care of their miniature Doberman Pinscher. I use to take her for walks, feed and spend quality time with her. All throughout my childhood I was always around dogs. That's all I wanted to do. Every opportunity I got I was spending time with families, friends dogs. Giving them care as in feeding them, affections/cuddling, go outside and play with them and their toys. Basically all day with the dogs giving them tons of attention. I am able to handle a dog based on their needs. I am very aware and able to identify a dog's needs through their body language and any change in behavior they may express. I'm comfortable feeding them their assigned food and giving them affection if or when they want it. Few years back I worked at a farm. Its not your ordinary farm. The owner was a certified trainer for special needs. So she would train these dogs to be service dogs for kids with autism or any illnesses. At the farm we had over 35 dogs. Also , farm animals as well. My job was to walk some of the more energetic dogs, fed the puppies 3 times a day(special diet) , cleaned out the barns, took care of every dog and provided them with the care they needed. I am very experienced and willing to give any dog the love and care that they deserve. I am very devoted to my work that I am given. Overall, with my experience I can promise that your dog will have personalized and loving care.
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A local dog walker in Barnegat, NJ will cost you an average of $11.00 per hour. This rate is based on's data as of October 2020 and may vary depending on the services that you request and your specific situation.
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