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Dog groomers in Reno, NV

Emma C.'s Photo

Emma C.

Reno, NV

$15-25/hr3 yrs exp

Has experience with dogs and cats primarily. I can provide pet sitting in your own home. Comfortable with basic care tasks for dogs and cats along with giving or applying medicine, baths, grooming, and exercise. I am comfortable with dogs of all ages and sizes.
Emma can also help with: Pet walking, administration of medicine, pet sitting, pet transportation
"Emma has helped tutor my 9 year old in her science class and my daughter just loves her! She's so energetic and explains everything so well! my daughter always looked forward to her coming over"

Lydia M.

I am new to pet-sitting but am a responsible, caring owner of an 8-year-old Golden Retriever who still acts like a puppy. I have experience volunteering at the local animal shelter for the past two years. My duties included dog-walking and play, along with feeding and grooming. I have experience with both cats and dogs.
Shasta Florez can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
Nicole W.'s Photo

Nicole W.

Reno, NV

$9-14/hr2 yrs exp

I provide dog sitting in your own home. I love dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. I provide companionship, exercise, light grooming, feeding and just about anything else that is needed.
Nicole can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, pet transportation
Asheley T.'s Photo

Asheley T.

Reno, NV

$15-20/hr3 yrs exp

Experienced Dog & Cat Sitter: Absolutely Love Pets

I provide dog sitting, and walking as well as cat sitting from the comfort of their own home. I have had multiple pets through out my life, and have been watching pets for almost 5 years. I love all sorts of dogs no matter the size or the breed. As well as cats. I am also capable of performing baths, light grooming, and...
Addi Q.'s Photo

Addi Q.

Reno, NV

$12-14/hr1 yrs exp

I provide dog sitting in your own home. I'm an experienced former dog groomer. I love dogs of all sizes and ages.
Sarah H.'s Photo

Sarah H.

Reno, NV


Pet Sitting

I provide dog sitting in your own home. I love dogs of all sizes and ages. I have a 5-year-old Aussie and can provide references. I can also perform baths and light grooming.
Sarah can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting, pet transportation
Blake D.'s Photo

Blake D.

Reno, NV


Experienced K9 Defense Dog Handler

Dog lover grown up to be a Beauceron Breeder. Multiple years of K9 handling & training. Working in scent training, advanced obedience, etc. As well as Apprenticing as a groomer for several years under a Yorkshire terrier breeder at her board and train kennel.
Blake can also help with: Pet walking, dog training, grooming, pet sitting
Madison V.'s Photo

Madison V.

Reno, NV

$12-24/hr2 yrs exp

Bio Of Me

Hi looking for a good family with pet/animals to take care of. I'm an animal lover to the core. I have two miniature Australian Shepards of my own and have a want to help the community with pet care! I can do walks, bathing, playing outside and inside, dog parks, grooming if necessary! House sitting when on trips if need be!...
Madison can also help with: Boarding, pet transportation, pet walking, pet sitting
Hannah R.'s Photo

Hannah R.

Reno, NV

$10-40/hr4 yrs exp

Animal Lover Available For Care Needs

I grew up with having the luxury of having lots of animals. My family had a barn that boarded horses. I was in charge or feeding, medicine giving, cleaning stalls and grooming. At the house we also had 2 amazing cats and a dog. I truly joy animals company, and taking care of them! They all have taught me a lot.
Hannah can also help with: Pet transportation, pet walking, pet sitting, daily feeding, administration of medicine, grooming & more
Tiffiny P.'s Photo

Tiffiny P.

Reno, NV


I Have Experience With All Types Of Animals (I'M AN ANIMAL LOVER)

My whole life I've grown up with all types of different animals. In the past I've had 4 dogs, 4 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster, 2 water frogs, and multiple fish. I'm an animal lover and have always been my whole life. I'm happy to care for pets any days of the week, through Monday-Sunday as I'm willing to be as flexible as...
Tiffiny can also help with: Pet transportation, pet sitting, pet walking

Enedina R.

Reno, NV

$16-50/hr6 yrs exp

My Name Is Enedina, I Am A Mature And Reliable College Student Looking To Expand My Services

Animals are my life! I have always had pets growing up as a child and my love for them has grown into my adulthood even more. I have a passion for learning and understanding all different types of animals. My experience in Pet Care is from having my own pets, pet sitting for 2 years and working in the veterinary field as a...
Cindy K.'s Photo

Cindy K.

Sparks, NV

$11-16/hr10 yrs exp

I have 20years of experience in pet sitting. I can help with Pet Transportation and Pet Sitting. I owned my own mobile dog grooming business for 8 years. I have a great love for dogs and enjoy being around them. I am loving and caring person. I have sat for special needs dogs that need medication. I would love to take care and...
Cindy can also help with: Pet transportation, pet sitting
"Cindy loves pups, having one herself. She is a responsible person and that is reflected in her care for all fur babies. Cindy has cared for my pups on occasion, one being a special needs boy. The care and comfort of the pups is her largest priority. I know that she...

Debby S.

Tania D.'s Photo

Tania D.

Sparks, NV

$16-21/hr2 yrs exp

Personal Assistant

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

As a live-in personal assistant, I currently care for 2 small dogs, this includes daily walking, taking them to groomer'appointments, administer medication, scheduling vet visits ( dental vet, surgeon) and full-time caring while the owner is traveling. I love playing with them and they love me too.
Tania can also help with: Pet transportation, pet sitting, pet walking, administration of medicine
Shamanna S.'s Photo

Shamanna S.

Sparks, NV

$15-20/hr4 yrs exp

Consciously maintained the safety and well-being of the pets in my care Fed, walked, administered medication, and reinforced training Checked on client homes and performed various tasks per their request. Key responsibilities include providing food and water, grooming, taking pets to vet appointments, administering medicine,...
Shamanna can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, administration of medicine

Sara J.

Sparks, NV

$22-50/hr2 yrs exp

I am a trustful, lovely and responsible person. I love to work with animals because I love to be around them, it makes me fell happy. I'm looking for a good and happy environment to work with animals, I started to work with animals last year (2023), but I grew up around them. I like to go on walks with my boyfriend to enjoy the...
Sara can also help with: Pet sitting, daily feeding, administration of medicine, pet walking
Tyson P.'s Photo

Tyson P.

Incline Village, NV

$12-50/hr5 yrs exp

A Perfect Fit For Your Pets Needs

As a lifelong dog enthusiast, I bring a wealth of experience and passion to pet sitting. Growing up with a mother who was a dedicated dog groomer, I've been immersed in canine care from a young age. Additionally, I've worked in multiple pet kennels, handling dogs of all breeds and sizes. This hands-on experience has equipped me...
Tyson can also help with: Daily feeding, pet walking, pet sitting, pet transportation, administration of medicine

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