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Hands-on Care Needed For My Husband In Herndon, Flexible On The Hours

Part Time
About who needs care: He has what they believe is PSP, its a neurological disease in the Parkison's family but with more severe balance and mobility issues. He needs assistance or cues when getting up from a chair, needs to be supervised closely for falls, uses a walker during the day and a wheelchair at night when he is more tired. Needs encouragement to do his exercises each day . Can feed himself and still has a good appetite but is often a messy eater. Was a former chef so loves to talk about cooking but can no longer really cook unless supervised. Best if he offers cooking advice on the sidelines. Enjoys the history channel, crime shows, crossword puzzles, and some board games. His speech is soft and slurred although he recently got a device to help amplify his volume. he tires easily, and even talking for awhile is tiring. We will be transitioning to first floor Irving but the next two months or so he still needs to navigate the stairs while the bathroom project gets done. He does have a motorized scooter so he could go outside for walks when the weather warms up. He is 5 foot 10 and weighs about 190. He needs help and supervision getting in and out of the shower and with dressing. Normally showers 3-4x/week. He can wash himself. He has some mild short term memory issues. We have an older standard poodle who is very friendly and Greg loves dogs. Would like someone who could on occasion stay overnight for a period while I visited some out of state family. Often he goes with me but occasionally he might not want to. He needs cues and help when he does fall in order to get up, so so, one versed in that is helpful. About the care needs: Someone patient and kind with a sense of humor as Greg had a great humor about him when younger. An interest in cooking is good as that was his love. Any background in fitness or an interest in it would help as he needs motivation. Greg never exercised but now he needs to do some to keep up his. strength in his arms, core, and legs. Services needed include: mobility assistance.