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Helpful, Active Babysitter

Part Time $15 – 22/hr Starts 06/14 Livonia, MI
We need a babysitter for our my children in Livonia. And we're looking now! Meal Preparation: Help with food might or might not happen, but someone who would be willing to help them, make a grilled cheese or something different sometimes would be nice.Comfortable With Pets: 70lbs Goldendoodle named Penelope. Super cute and sweet!! Loves to bark at cars, people, dogs, squirrels still.Light Housekeeping: Just helping kids keep their toys put away when they're done/clean up behind themselves.Pick-up or Drop-off: Take kiddos to the park, get ice cream, get them out of the house sometimes.Has Own Car: Vehicle that is safe and can hold yourself plus 4 kids! About the child(ren): Our kids are 9, 11, 13, & 14. They clearly don't need a typical "babysitter", but they do need someone around during the day to keep them active, help them with meals and cleaning up behind themselves, and hopefully take them out places to have fun. Last summer break, we had two sitters during the day and all they did was watch tv and play on their phones. We want someone active with our kids that will play outside with them and play games with them. Help them to pick the right foods at meal/snack time, but also be there to take them out for ice cream sometimes, go to the park or go somewhere fun to get out of the house. We also have a 70lbs Goldendoodle who is almost 2. She is very sweet and very playful like a puppy still, but she is mostly well behaved and funny to have around. Our oldest daughter is 14. She and the next youngest daughter who is 13, clearly don't need a sitter, but they need help. Having 4 kids at home is too much to put on their shoulders and it keeps them restricted to our house. Our 14 yr old loves playing games and card games but needs a push to get outside. She can cook Mac n Cheese and toast, but that's about it. Our 13 year old can make toast and pasta, but that's it. She Loves sports and being active and playing outside. Our son who is 11 also has Autism. He is high functioning, but he does have communication struggles and miscommunicates directions, sarcasm, tone of voice, jokes, and even basic conversations that people have. He is very smart and sweet and loves nature and animals. He can make toast but that's it. He loves his iPod and would sit on it all day if we let him. Our 9 year old is very much like our 14 year old. She can make toast, but that is it lol. She loves TV and movies and her iPod and would also sit around all day if we let her. She doesn't like sports or playing outside much so she needs a push to be outside also. She also likes to play games and card games.
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FAQ for child care jobs in Livonia

In 2021, how much do child care jobs pay in Livonia, MI?
The average pay rate for child care jobs in Livonia, MI on is $13.00 per hour as of June 2021. This rate will vary depending on your previous child care experience, as well as the number of kids you'll care for, the child care certifications you have and the total amount of hours required of you per day/week.
How can I find child care jobs near me in Livonia, MI? has 52 child care positions in Livonia, MI. You can search for local families looking to hire a child care worker by distance from Livonia and compare your options by filtering by hourly pay rate, the ages and number of kids you will be caring for and the number of hours you hope to work for the family each week.
Can I find a child care job during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on as a place to connect and help each other especially during these critical times when parents struggle between work and child care. Many parents working from home will want to have a reliable and responsible person who can care for their children while they work. If you're looking for a child care job, there are currently 52 job opportunities in Livonia, MI posted by families who need help at home.