Future of Benefits Report 2023

An HR Leader’s Guide to What’s Next in Employee Benefits in 2023

Future of Benefits Report 2023

With economic uncertainty replacing the “Great Resignation” as employers’ top concern, companies are now focusing on containing costs and boosting productivity. 95% of the 500 HR and business leaders we surveyed are recalibrating their companies’ benefit strategies, and 47% are trimming overall employee benefits in 2023.

However, employers are not making across-the-board cuts. In fact, they are selectively investing more in Care benefits because they believe these benefits  are most likely to help them retain experienced employees and boost overall productivity.

Want to find out more about the choices being made in 2023? Download this ebook to learn:

  • How the current economic forecast is influencing benefits strategies
  • What specific benefits employers plan to expand to meet their goals of enhancing retention and productivity
  • What role employers want the government to play in ensuring that child and elder caregivers can remain in the workforce

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