Business Impact Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

Business Impact Calculator FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Care for Business collect employer data used in the business impact calculator?

We collect data as employers interact with us via our websites, use Care benefits and services, and input data on the calculator. For more information on how we collect information provided by customers, please refer to Care’s Privacy Policy.

What types of data are used in the calculator to measure business impact?

To calculate the potential impact Care benefits can have on a business, we use a number of factors including: 

  1. Employer-specific data as provided by the employer
  2. Average utilization data based on industry averages across our book of business
  3. Assumptions based on credible 3rd party resources

We recommend that employers use employer-specific data for a more accurate estimate of impact. If employers do not have access to all of the requested data, they can use default national averages.

What type of estimated business impact does the calculator measure?

Care can estimate measurable business impact of:

  • Potential annual savings from lost productivity
  • Potential recruiting costs saved from offering child care benefits
  • Total potential savings from Care benefits

What 3rd party data is used to calculate business impact?

Examples of 3rd party data sources include:

Step three of the business impact calculator which shows results of potential productivity and recruiting cost savings.

Which customer specific data, if any, do you use in the calculator?

The data in this calculator is based on aggregated data from Care customers who have Backup Care services since 2013.

Am I guaranteed to see the results I obtain from this ROI calculator?

Care does not guarantee that employers will experience the exact results estimated by our Business impact calculator. All results are based on the data inputs provided by each individual employer, as well as aggregated utilization data from Care’s 775+ clients globally. Actual impact may differ based on a variety of factors including but not limited to changing market values, industry trends, company size, location, business hours, and other factors.