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40 bird sitters are listed in Indianapolis, IN

The average rate is $14/hr as of July 2024

The average experience for nearby bird sitters is 4 years

Bird sitters in Indianapolis, IN

Angles G.'s Photo

Angles G.

Indianapolis, IN

$15-25/hr10 yrs exp

I am a pet owner and animal lover. I have experience caring for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and rodents. I have worked with many animals and am comfortable grooming, walking, feeding, playing with and caring for your pets. My mother was a wildlife rescuer and boarder. I have experience with a large variety or birds and mammals...
Victoria R.'s Photo

Victoria R.

Indianapolis, IN

$25/hr10 yrs exp

Pet Care You Need!

I have and/or am completely comfortable with dogs of all sizes, cats, rodents, fresh and saltwater fish and tank maintenance, small animals, all bird species, snakes, reptiles/lizards, hermit crabs, exotics such as sugar gliders. I can room/board, do drop by care while vacationing, etc. Fees vary based on services needed and...
Victoria can also help with: Pet walking, boarding, pet sitting
Randa N.'s Photo

Randa N.

Indianapolis, IN

$15-30/hr10 yrs exp

Years of experience with animal caretaking Worked at multiple adoption agencies as well as bed and boarding companies for animals VCA Dog walking Cat sitting Bird sitting
Randa can also help with: Pet sitting, boarding, pet transportation, pet walking
HI ! I love animals I have had many different animals in my life. Cats, dogs , fishes and even birds I would love to watch yours !
Jada-marie can also help with: Pet sitting, grooming, pet walking, pet transportation, dog training
Samantha R.'s Photo

Samantha R.

Indianapolis, IN

$15-20/hr2 yrs exp

Pet Sitter

I have 2 years experience as a farm apprentice, and many more as a traditional pet sitter. I love animals of all kinds, including dogs and cats but also birds, fish, and reptiles.
Samantha can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
Haley K.'s Photo

Haley K.

Indianapolis, IN

$15-20/hr10 yrs exp

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

I have been pet sitting for almost 10 years now, and I have experience with all kinds of animals. I've watched not only your average dogs and cats, but also snakes, birds, rabbits, ducks, axolotls, and more. I love animals and would absolutely keep your babies happy while you're away!
Haley can also help with: Pet walking, administration of medicine, pet sitting
Diana T.'s Photo

Diana T.

Indianapolis, IN

$15-34/hr1 yrs exp

Animal Lover

Hello, my name is Diana. I love animals from Small to Big. I truly believe that animal are more than pets I consider them just like another family member. I worked with small, medium and large animals such as Cats, Dogs and Birds. I'm willing to drive them to the vet, grooming appointment.
Diana can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, pet transportation
Ellen G.'s Photo

Ellen G.

Indianapolis, IN

$15-20/hr4 yrs exp

Animal-lover & Young Teacher Looking For Part-time Opportunities To Care For Pets!

I am a teacher in Indianapolis and relatively new to the city! Throughout college (I graduated in May 2020) and high school I have had several part-time pet-sitting opportunities, from dogs to cats to fish to birds! I grew up with dogs and love animals of all kinds!
Ellen can also help with: Pet sitting
I have owned dogs, fish, and birds all my life. I'm familiar with the level of care needed to attain livelihood, along with extra lovings. I've always been an animal person, and never quite met an animal that I didn't get along with. I'd be willing to learn the routine at hand and help wherever I can! Thanks for checkin my...
Mackenzie can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
Arturo C.'s Photo

Arturo C.

Indianapolis, IN


Animal Lover Looking To Keep Furry Family Members Safe

I have always had pets, but no professional training. However, this has never stopped me from taking care of my family's and friends' pets. I always keep pets on their schedules. Walking, feeding, and playtime are all important to make sure that your furry family member stays happy and healthy. I love all animals, from cats and...
Kya V.'s Photo

Kya V.

Indianapolis, IN

$10-16/hr1 yrs exp

Friendly And Kind

I've always loved animals and me and my family have rescued a lot of animals such as raccoons, cats, dogs, birds, squirrels. I have four cats that I have rescued and take care of them on the daily. I energetic and patient as well. We've had several dogs my whole life and always have a love for pets. I'm looking to make a little...
Kya can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting, grooming
I have 5 cats, 2 dogs, and fish. I have experience caring for birds and reptiles. I love to play with pets when appropriate, I am comfortable going on walks and taking them on car rides if necessary. I can give first aid and I do know dog and cat CPR. I am comfortable administrating medicine both pills and injection. I can't...
Katelynn can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, pet transportation
Jerusha L.'s Photo

Jerusha L.

Indianapolis, IN

$15-20/hr2 yrs exp

Animals Are Pretty Much The Best

My name is Jerusha. I have had a dog in my family for most of my life and I am trying to get a dog for my new place this summer. I wanted to work at a pet shop because I really love to work with animals and my sister recommended that I try and watch other people's animals. I have plenty of experience with most every animal...
Jerusha can also help with: Dog training, pet sitting, boarding, pet walking, pet transportation, grooming & more
Natasha S.'s Photo

Natasha S.

Indianapolis, IN

$25/hr10 yrs exp

All About Me

I am a animal lover. I love cats and dogs. Other animals I'm ok with also like squirrels and some birds. The experience I have under my belt is over 10 years+. I am great at pet walking and pet sitting. I can also give baths and check the mail if need to and on request. I love playing with animals. My motto is I will treat your...
Natasha can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
Leah N.'s Photo

Leah N.

Indianapolis, IN

$10-15/hr3 yrs exp

Dog/Cat Sitter

Hello! My name is Leah and I am a junior in college attending Grand Valley State University in Grand, Rapids MI. My family and I just moved to the Parkville area, and I have been hoping to find some jobs revolving around taking care of animals! I have dog sat for several families and for over three years, and my services...
Leah can also help with: Pet sitting, grooming, pet walking
Emma G.'s Photo

Emma G.

Indianapolis, IN

$25-30/hr10 yrs exp

15+ Years Of Animal Care Experience!

Hello!! My name is Emma and I have been surrounded by animals my whole life. I grew up with dogs, cats, horses, birds, and fish - I've never not had a pet in my home. I started horseback riding lessons for my 8th birthday gift and went on to ride competitively during my time at Indiana University Bloomington. I've always been...
Emma can also help with: Pet walking, boarding, pet transportation, pet sitting
Cindi G.'s Photo

Cindi G.

Indianapolis, IN

$20-25/hr6 yrs exp

Peaceful Pets Make Happy Owners (and Vice Versa)

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

Good day! I'm a 24 hr caregiver for my husband, Dr. who had 2 strokes unexpectedly since April. We are in various rehab, therapy, nutritional, holistic and research studies in order to build a road map to recovery for our family of 6, himself and to share our gained insight with others, and to find out the mystery behind the...
Madison M.'s Photo

Madison M.

Indianapolis, IN

$10-20/hr2 yrs exp

Animal Rights Lover Who Is Looking For Part Time Work

I am a big animal lover, so much so that I am a vegetarian and would like to to be a vegan. I do my best to not buy animal products and have volunteered with my local humane society when I was in high school. I have 2 puppies, Charlie and Sam. They are Australian Shepherd and Blue heeler mixes. They are family dogs, but I take a...
Madison can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting, boarding, pet transportation, dog training

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

Mary S.'s Photo

Mary S.

Indianapolis, IN

$11-20/hr5 yrs exp


I am an 18-year-old college student who loves working with animals. I've had pets all my life, including dogs, birds, fish, cats. From ages 13-16, I worked with a mobile petting zoo, which came with the responsibility of caring for many farm animals. Over the last few years I've cared for many pets. One that I watched often,...
Mary can also help with: Pet walking, pet transportation, pet sitting
As someone who has a zoo myself, have no fear that I can be your pet friendly assistant! I have 8 reptiles myself, along with fish tanks, five cats and a rambunctious lab/terrier mix. I've owned hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs before; and have done just about all the research on chinchillas and rabbits, just so I knew they...
Sarah can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, dog training

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