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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

We offer free yoga and art classes.
In business since: 2011
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
Early Childhood Education and
Administration Certificate from CSCC


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Monday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
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6:30AM - 5:30PM
Wednesday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Thursday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Friday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday :
6:30AM - 11:45PM
Sunday :
6:30AM - 11:45PM
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Infant $ 10 per hour 0
*availability last updated on 02/10/2021
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Ratings & Reviews

( 23)
Tiffany F
My husband and I cannot say enough great things about Sahar and her daycare!
When I went back to work after having my son I was a mess with thinking about who I could trust to watch him. I cried and worried about the care and love he would receive. - I thought I would never be able to trust someone enough for me to keep working full time.
I was totally wrong. When I met Sahar she put all my worries at rest, and I'm so grateful I put my trust in her!
My son was only 10 weeks when he started with Sahar, and he learned so much in the year and a half he was there! I could never thank Sahar enough.
I would receive pictures and updates throughout the day of our son which I looked forward to and that totally took my worries away. He truly was having the best time while at "school." Our son is only 18 months, but is so advanced in his speech and how he interacts with others. I truly believe we owe most of the credit to Sahar and all of her teachers.
Unfortunately, we had to move out of town for my husband's job, and I wish more than anything I could bring Sahar's daycare with us.
On my son's last day at school I picked him up (in tears), and in his words we said "bye bye, love you." As one last special thank you for the great care and love he received from the whole daycare. We miss them all dearly.
I highly recommend anyone that is looking for care for their child to talk to Sahar! I promise you will not be let down.
Alyssa P
We truly couldn't be more thankful for Sahar and her staff at UA day nursery. When I went back to work when my daughter was 12 weeks old, I was a worried mess. Sahar constantly assured me that my daughter would be well cared for and loved. It was such a relief to know that my baby was in great hands. Sahar sent many pictures and videos throughout the day which provided me with so much comfort during my work day. In every video she was learning, laughing or dancing!

Sahar and her staff not only care for your child like their own but they also provide an incredible environment for the kids. They provide many educational opportunities as well as art, dance, yoga and play time in and outside. It is such a warm and calm environment where kindness and good behavior is taught and encouraged.

We are so so thankful for the time our daughter spent at UA day nursery. We are forever grateful for all the wonderful people who cared for her like their own!
It is hard to find the words that encapsulate just how wonderful Sahar and her team have been while taking care of my son. Sahar helped make his transition from staying home to the daycare setting a smooth experience. He flourished during his time there, and he looked forward to going to daycare. I knew he was safe while he was there. Sahar and her staff made healthy food that he enjoyed eating, as well as created an awesome learning environment (including piano, art and yoga). Words cannot express how grateful we are that we were able to have our son be taken care of by the staff at UA Day Nursery. Now my son has started preschool and we are forever grateful for Sahar and her team for creating a fantastic environment for our son in his early years. I cannot recommend Sahar and her team enough. We loved our experience with Sahar and her team, and we know you will undoubtedly as well!
Anna H
I can't say enough good things about Sahar and her staff. After a bad experience at a "nationally recognized daycare chain", we found Sahar and are so glad we did. We love the home-like environment. We have never had to worry about anything, he is cared for and learns so much at school. Sahar is constantly teaching the kids new things and encourages a loving and kind environment.
We are so thankful for Sahar and know she will take great care of second child on the way.
Elizabeth J
My husband and I are not originally from the Columbus area and were in need of childcare for our first child after living here for just over a year. We interviewed several daycares, put down many waitlist deposits and were prepared to attend a different daycare when we were lucky enough to find Sahar just a few weeks prior to the end of my maternity leave. UA Daycare checked every one of our boxes.

The home-like feel is exactly what we wanted for our son. As a new mom, there were many things I worried about, but it only took one meeting with Sahar to take away many of those fears. On my first day back to work, all I had to worry about was missing my son. But I was very assured that he was safe and loved within the walls of UA Daycare. In fact, Sahar knew how much my new mom heart would need affirmation, and just minutes after his first drop off I received a picture of him swaddled and happily rocking listening to soft music.

2.5 years later, Sahar and her staff have continued to support my child's social, emotional, and academic growth. He loves to learn and has strategies he uses to help manage his big toddler feelings. He looks forward to circle time to learn days of the week and what month it is, knows his letters and numbers, and LOVES to dance and read books! He even asks for flash cards at home! He eats healthy meals and has been a good eater at home with us as a result. Sahar and her staff have met our son where he was and helped him develop at his own pace. We couldn't be more grateful for the love of learning and curiosity they have inspired in him.

We are so thankful for UA Daycare. We truly feel lucky. Our second child will be joining soon and we look forward to see him blossom just like our first did under her care. UA Daycare is more than just a care facility. They have truly had a role in raising our babies. We are confident that you would feel the same.
I cannot say enough great things about Sahar and her staff. Our son has been going to this daycare since he was 1 year old (after a previous bad experience at a big business daycare where he was being ignored) and we love the small, personal, familial feeling. He is well cared for, well fed, stimulated all day long with various "classes" and activities, sleeps well, and has made many friends. We love getting updates and pictures/videos throughout the day to see what he is up to, and appreciate the reports about his development. He is always happy to be dropped off in the morning and we feel so comforted in knowing that we do not have to worry at all about his care.

I highly recommend this daycare!
Maggie B
If I could give more stars I would! Sahar and her staff/teachers are amazing! We are so lucky to have found them.

Our son has been with them since he was 3 months old (he is now 3.5 years old). The care and comfort we receive has truly been amazing. They go above and beyond when making a family feel welcomed and a child feel safe and loved.

Our son enjoys all his time here and has made some amazing friends along the way. We are so appreciative of the love and support they give him and the peace of mind knowing he is in a safe environment.

You could not find a better daycare for your child.
Sahar watched my oldest and is now watching our second, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her, the employees/facility, or the care we have received there! She treats us like family and genuinely cares about the growth and wholesome development of the children in her care. There is definitely a personal relationship and different level of attention that was absent when we tried a franchise daycare program.

When we started our infant there, my oldest hadn't seen Sahar for about a year and a half. She got out of the car and literally RAN into Sahar's arms to give her a giant hug and continues to regularly ask to visit her. To me, that is and was the best evidence that we had made and continue to make such a good decision leaving our children in her care. Highly highly recommend.
Abby R
We are so grateful to have found Sahar's daycare here on The environment is exactly what you want for your young child - nurturing, engaging, safe, and above all, loving.

Our son David is 28 months old and has been in Sahar's care since he was 8 months. He is advanced for his age in language, fine motor skills, and social engagement, and we firmly believe it is in major part due to his experience with Sahar and her staff.

We love Sahar's small staff because not only are they well-trained and capable, but they clearly love caring for children. It is such a happy, fun, engaging, serene, and loving environment. I never once felt nervous about leaving my son there.

We also love getting daily photos and videos of David where he is dancing, doing yoga, creating art, enjoying books, eating organic vegetarian food, learning numbers and letters, playing outside, and having fun with his friends.

We chose Sahar over other care providers because it felt like the perfect marriage between structure and fun. They learn through projects, reading, songs, etc., but the toddlers also have plenty of time to play, socialize and get their energy out. We wanted him to feel loved and cared for while also enjoying being a kid, and we are so grateful to have found that with Sahar and her dedicated staff.
Jackie F
We were very fortunate to have found Sahar by word of mouth to care for our son Dominic for the first 2 years of his life, starting at 12 weeks old. Sahar and her staff provided a safe, clean, happy, trustworthy , and nurturing environment. They soon became like family, and we truly give them a lot of credit for helping raise our son in those first 2 years.

Being first time parents, we were at ease knowing he was being cared for by Sahar and her staff as they are very knowledgeable and we often looked to Sahar for advice, which she was also available for.

We especially loved that she provided, yoga, art, and dance by bringing in trained teachers, as well as the daily organic food that was prepared, (he was not getting that at home) :). As full-time working parents, she kept us updated with pictures and videos throughout the day that LOVED to get to see during our workdays. We knew he was loved and cared for and will always be so grateful to Sahar and her team.
Sahar and her staff are absolutely incredible. From the moment we met her for our interview, there was a calm and warm presence to her that immediately made us feel at ease as we explored our child care options for our daughter, and it quickly became evident this was the absolute BEST option out there.

We started our daughter full-time at 12 weeks old, and she thrived at the care of Sahar and her staff. She was nurtured and truly loved by the entire group. Being a nervous first-time mom who also traveled for work, Sahar would send photos and videos which was the highlight of our days!

The environment she provides for the children is amazing. Organic, whole foods made fresh daily provided our daughter with a diverse and healthy pallet. Dance, yoga, and art classes weekly to allow education and experiences were a true bonus to us. Our daughter received dedicated attention but also had the joys of socializing at a young age. We attribute so many of her healthy eating and sleeping habits to Sahar!

The best part about working with Sahar is she truly is family. She cares deeply for the children and for their families, and was a true partner in helping us learn how to be first-time parents. She was always available and accessible - even when we had questions at home. I cannot imagine a better place for our daughter to grow in her infant/toddler years.
We were so lucky to find Sahar and her staff. They love the kids and truly became part of our family! Our son learned so much under their care and was so excited to go every day! Sahar and her staff are compassionate, loving, honest, trustworthy, and focused on providing an age appropriate learning curriculum! If we have another child, we hope we are lucky enough to secure a spot with Sahar!
Melissa I
Sahar and her staff are the best there is. We have been so pleased with the care provided for our daughter. We know our little one is getting the very best while she is with Sahar and her staff - she is getting homemade, healthy food everyday, one-on-one attention, adequate play/ learning time and tons of love. My husband and I feel confident and comfortable dropping our daughter off every morning, knowing that she's with Sahar.

This winter, our sweet girl was admitted to the hospital and Sahar checked in with us daily to see how she was doing. She even came to the hospital to visit our daughter and brought a get-well poster that she, her staff and the kids made. It was the sweetest gesture and just solidified how much everyone at Sahar's cares.

We are SO grateful we found her.
Jessica D
Sahar and her staff are an extension of our family - they are engaged, compassionate, intuitive and vigilant. Sahar has cared for my 2-year-old son since he was 3 months old. As a first-time mom, she immediately helped adjust his routine and got him on a schedule. After just a couple of weeks, my family was reaping the benefits of her purposeful routine. Sahar really is a childcare expert - she gave welcomed advise when my son was experiencing common issues such as a runny nose skin irritation. She also identified his lactose intolerance when I was breastfeeding after my pediatrician had ignored my concerns.

As my son has grown and developed, so has the program at Sahar's. My son loves the weekly crafts, yoga and story time they offer. I also love Sahar's focus on outdoor play and social interaction. The children are engaged and have meaningful relationships with the other kids and the staff.

I have dropped my child off every morning the last 1.5 years knowing his is loved, safe and happy. There is no greater satisfaction or adequate rating I could give for that peace of mind.
Natalie M
I don't know where to begin, I can't say enough good things about Sahar and her staff. I've had 2 kids attend her daycare and when my second was born it was so reassuring to know exactly where she would be going and the level of care she was going to receive.

Sahar is truly amazing. She is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the way she runs her daycare. She provides a curriculum for the kids and really meets each individual child where they're at developmentally (through yoga, arts and crafts, outside play and other creative activities). I am constantly amazed by her knowledge and expertise when it comes to caring for the children and as a first time mom, there were several times I leaned on her for parenting advice.

You can tell Sahar genuinely cares for the kids. There were often times when my son would cry when I got there to pick him up because he was having so much fun, he didn't want to leave. It goes without saying, when he had to leave for pre-school, it was pretty traumatic for our whole family.

Overall, we were extremely fortunate to find Sahar. I would highly highly recommend her to anyone.
Christina L
Sahar's daycare was the greatest experience we could imagine. What was originally supposed to be an interim daycare turned into much more. From the first day we dropped off our daughter we knew she was in good hands. We received tons of pictures and updates throughout the day that helped us feel at ease during the transition back to work. Sahar was always considerate and helpful with any of our silly first-time parent questions and concerns. Our daughter thrived in her care thanks to the love of her, her employees, and the environment they provided for the children. At the end of our time there, we felt like family. We were extremely sad to leave this daycare but hope to use her again for future children.
Holly C
Sahar was such a wonderful caregiver to my daughter, very kind, patient, and organized. Her love for children is very clearly seen through her actions and words. She also took an interest in helping children learn, experience new friendships, explore new healthy foods. She was great about updates and sharing photos to make the work day a little brighter. We are extremely thankful to have worked with her and would highly recommend!
Jessica W
Sahar has been such a huge help to our family. I was extremely nervous about leaving my son with anyone when I had to return to work, but Sahar helped ease my anxiety by sending pictures and updates throughout the day. She always respected any requests we had for him and gave us a recap of his day when we picked him up. She makes the healthiest food from scratch and I always felt so great about what my son was eating while he was with her. My son enjoyed all of the activities he did and was always happy to go to day care - I felt so much better leaving him knowing he was well cared for and loved. My son recently left to go to pre-school, but he still remembers Sahar and gets very excited to see her occasionally for weekend care. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent child care option!
Irene G
Sahar has been such a blessing to our family. When we had our first child, I was extremely nervous about leaving him with anyone else especially at 3 months old. She immediately put my fears at ease by sending me pictures throughout the day. It didn't even take a week for him to adjust and start feeling comfortable in Sahar's home. She became like a second mom to him. She was always respectful to any concerns we had whether it was about eating, sleeping, etc. We actually learned a lot about parenting from Sahar! She also provided delicious food when he transitioned from breastmilk. Needless to say we ended up asking her to care for our next kiddo as well. Highly recommend her to anyone!
Megan G
Sahar has been an excellent provider for our two children for almost a year! Our infant son always lights up when he sees her and our toddler non-stop talks about all the fun she had that day exploring and playing. Sahar has been very accommodating to our family's schedule and needs. She is attentive, compassionate and very supportive of creating a safe and entertaining learning environment for the kids. She keeps us up to date on our children's activities of the day and let's us know if there are any changes in the kid's schedules. We have been very fortunate to have Sahar as part of our childcare team.
Brian T
We started taking our daughter to Sahar when she was 15 months old. We knew we wanted an in home childcare provider, but we were nervous because our daughter only ever wants her mom or dad. It didn't even take one week for her to warm up to Sahar. She is so loving, soothing and calm. Our daughter would go to her with open arms, and give hugs when she left, she absolutely loved going to Sahar's! Her home is so clean, warm and inviting, although she has tons of toys for all the kids it is always neat and tidy. We never had any reason to question her safety or well being, we always had confidence that she was in the best care. There were even a couple of times when Sahar noticed her seeming ill or noticed an infection before we did and would always let us know! She was flexible with my part time work schedule and always understanding and accomadating. Our daughter started preschool so she no longer goes to Sahar's regularly, but still remembers her and misses her! We loved her time there and would recommend her to anyone!
Brandy J
If I could give 10 stars I would. Sahar was like family to us. She has raised our daughter as her own from 3-18 months. We recently had to say goodbye as we moved, otherwise we'd still be with her. Everyday when I left our daughter I knew I did not have to worry about her which was an enormous weight off our shoulders being first time parents. She always fed them wholesome foods. My daughter thrived being with Sahar and her family. I can't imagine what I'd have done without her.
Sahar T
Sahar is a wonderful childcare provider and an Amazing Director she truly goes over and beyond all the parents expectation to keep all of the families extremely happy, and the little ones absolutely love coming to Her every day ,they literally run to her during arrival and greet her with the biggest smile and kiss ,she's also extremely reliable and always has the most engaging exciting activities planned out for the little ones according to their age group and the kids love coming to daycare every day they learn so much and have so much fun sometime they don't want to leave.

Tiffany McNeill
Reply from Ua Day Nursery Llc.
please feel free to contact me at 614-787-3756.
We offer free yoga and art classes.
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