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Meal Preparation And Errands / Shopping Part Time Support Needed For My Mother In Jacksonville, NC.

Full Time
Seeking care for my mother in her 70s. Services needed: meal preparation, errands / shopping. No prior experience required. Specialized care needs: CPR/first aid training. Female caregiver preferred. A little more about my mother: she can be independent. She's is an independent 75-year-old, sound body and mind, had pneumonia, being released from hospital, needs someone to settle her in and just check in once a day for the first week, do some grocery pick up(we can order it and pay on line for pick up ). our goal is to just get her back to independent living,, with check ins. I'm looking for someone who is patient. A women who is patient with a women who has never been sick and is hard of hearing. She knows her body and what foods she can and cant eat for allergies, she also is determined to be independent and has refused rehab for now. Must not be allergic to cats. She has one that shes had for 10 years,, it's not very open to strangers,,, or even us! One person cat,,, lol. My Mother likes her independence. Loves the outdoors, to sit in the sunshine, see the flowers etc. Shes into Organic eating and reading as well. She hard of hearing which we are working on the Dr fixing. She will probably have a visiting nurse. We just need someone to settle her in from the hospital. Unpack groceries, stock fridge ( we can order and pay for them for curbside pick up) that would only be needed in the initial set up. After that its just checking in once a day to see how shes doing if she needs anything, maybe bring up cat litter or cat food since lifting is an issue. Maybe assist her to the outside for a spell... Nothing strenuous or medical needed, as of now,,, will evaluate once shes home.
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