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At Your BARK and CALL pet sitting's Photo

At Your BARK and CALL pet sitting

704 Sapphire St., Redondo Beach, CA

While you are away at work, on vacation, or running errands you won't have the guilt of keeping your best friends cooped up all day. I've got you covered! Unlike traditional pet boarding kennels or doggie day care facilities, everything takes place in the safety of your own home. Your furry friend will always be taken care of by the same dog walker or pet sitter that you meet during your first meet & greet; that means no rotating staff of strangers entering your home.

I have years of experience with breeds that seem more challenging and with dogs that have no manners on the leash. I am knowledgeable with many techniques and can handle many different types of behavioral problems.

For the extra cautious ones, I can usually earn their trust in no time. Whatever the case, I will find the right approach and customize the visits to your pets needs.

I am very passionate about the treatment of animals so I'm sure it's not surprising when I tell you that I have no tolerance for animal cruelty!

Dogs are the one creature on this planet whose sole purpose in life is to make their owner happy. It is a pure unconditional love! They depend on us for everything & I enjoy giving them the care they need. I am rewarded with a lot of slobber and the feeling that I am the most wonderful person in the world! Now, if I could only live up to that!

I enjoy what I do and I love working with dogs and animals in general. I assure you that I will treat your furry friends as if they were my own.

I would never trust someone who I have not met to care for my own precious babies, so I wouldn't expect you to. Words are easily said so schedule an in person meet and greet with me. You can get a truer feel for someone face to face and you can actually see how your pet takes to someone who is genuine and knowledgeable.
5 Freedoms Foundation, Inc's Photo

5 Freedoms Foundation, Inc

Loma Drive, Hermosa Beach, CA

The 5 Freedoms Foundation is a group working to impact domestic pet overpopulation by raising funds to open an animal sanctuary and spay/neuter education programs encouraging adoption from local shelters. Not only are we raising money through fundraising, but we are raising money through dog walking as well!

Lindsay Jones, the founder of 5 Freedoms, is a long-time foster parent, social networker for homeless pets, and a spay/neuter advocate with more than two decades of experience in animal welfare and pet-sitting. She currently has three rescue pets of her own.

Lindsay decided to create her own foundation. Inspired by the changes many humane societies and animal welfare groups have made, she still found herself alarmed that most people she spoke to including her closest friends were uneducated about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. In the U.S., over ten thousand animals are euthanized a day at shelters with taxpayer money because of accidental litters, purebred owner surrenders, puppy mills, backyard breeders, or legal but irresponsible breeders, all reasons which could be easily avoided by spay/neuter education and clinics.

Join the 5 Freedoms Foundation's fight against the overpopulation of domestic pets. You can do this by hiring Lindsay as your dog walker! If you have no pet needs of your own, Lindsay is asking everyone to give up one morning coffee and donate $5 to the cause, or at the very least, give a share on Facebook. Thank you!
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