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WellPets Clinic

508 Stony Creek Circle, Noblesville, IN

Dog Care Prices We aim to give you a great value for your money for all of our services. Our Vaccine Packages offer you the most economical options, but you may select individual items from our A La Carte menu. We also have prescription heartworm and flea medication available–just ask! SERVICE CHARGE: Each invoice (one invoice per pet) is subject to a service charge of $5 ($7 for Petco locations). This fee helps offset the cost of maintaining medical records and invoice processing. We discount this fee $2 for cash or check payments, and $1 for debit cards as processing costs are lower with these forms of payment. To learn more about our pricing please visit our Guidelines Page. Puppy Package : Physical Exam Deworming (roundworms/hookworms) Distemper/Parvo (DHPP) Vaccine Leptospirosis or Bordetella (kennel cough) Value: $69 Our Price: $52-83 **Puppies need 2-3 sets of vaccines (packages) depending on age. Our staff will help you pick the appropriate vaccines for the puppy packages for your puppy at the clinic you attend. If you have any questions you can contact our office at 317-773-8387 Total Puppy Package: Covers a series of 2 Puppy Packages 1 Dog Basic Package Plus one Fecal Sample Value: $200+ Our Price: $169-$231 *Wellness care must be completed within 6 months of purchasing the Total Puppy Package and have Receipt at EACH visit. Dog Basic Package: Physical Exam Distemper/Parvo (DHPP) Vaccine Rabies Vaccine Bordetella Vaccine Value: $82 Our Price: $59 Dog Basic Booster Package: Dog Basic Package Minus Rabies Vaccine Value: $80 Our Price: $54 Dog Complete Package: Physical Exam DHPP Vaccine Bordetella Vaccine Heartworm Antigen Test Rabies Vaccine Value $107 Our Price: $73 Dog Complete Booster Package: Physical Exam DHPP Vaccine Bordetella Vaccine Heartworm Antigen Test Value: $88 Our Price: $68 …. *3 year Rabies Vaccines can be substituted for the 1-year for an additional fee of $6. Must show paper documentation of having had 1 year Rabies Vaccination the previous year. *Vaccines not purchased with a package require a $20 Physical Exam. i.e. The cost of a 1 year rabies is $16 + $28 exam = $44 plus applicable service charges. ….. Item Prices: *We offer vaccines to be purchased individually, but require a Physical Exam. Rabies Vaccines ( 1 yr./ 3yr.) $16 /$22 Distemper/Parvo Vaccine$17 Kennel Cough (Bordetella) Vaccine$17 Leptospirosis or Canine Influenza Vaccine$17/$19 Lyme Disease $27 Heartworm Antigen Test $25 Fecal Exam$25 Express Anal Glands $10-$15 * Physical Exam only$32 Wellness /$40 Extended * w/ a la carte vaccines$28 Wellness /$38 Extended w/ any package FREE Microchip (with registration)$46*
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