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Companion Care Needed For My Father In Basalt

Part Time
About who needs care: He has moderate dementia and AFIB. These things have made it difficult for him to do the activities he likes doing on his own. He mostly needs companionship - someone to keep him engaged and seeking purpose, routine and happiness in his life given the circumstances. Our biggest challenge with him is getting him to eat enough throughout the day. His hobbies and interest have been a bit difficult for us to nail down recently. He used to be very physical - hiking, skiing, biking etc. We have been encouraging him to read short stories, write down stories/memories as they come to him, go for walks, call old friends, tidy up around the house and more. He is willing to try anything but does get embarrassed by his lack of memory when it comes to trying things that involve critical thinking - for example learning a new board game. But we would like to note that when he does get embarrassed or frustrated with his memory we have not noticed that he becomes angry - but he will likely communicate his disinterest in an activity that makes him feel that way. I think his ideal day would look something like this: wake up, walk into town to grab the paper (approx. 1 mile), eat some breakfast and take his AM medications, go for a drive (he no longer drives), eat lunch (either at home or a local restaurant - he used to be very social and will likely run into someone he knows if he goes into town which he enjoys), have a inspiring/insightful conversation to encourage positivity, then we have him over for dinner around 5 p.m. and to hang out every evening. About the care needs: We are looking for someone who is flexible, social, engaging, patient, positive, energetic, and compassionate. Skills/interests that would be ideal but are not required: Initiating engaging/insightful conversations, going for a drive, local knowledge, going for a walk, establishing routines, and discovering a purpose in life given the circumstances. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.