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Reliable, Caring Nanny Needed For 1 Child In Eureka

Part Time $15 – 18/hr Starts 02/01 Eureka, CA
Our little loves being messy with food and going on walks. She has a loosely structured day that varies depending on what we are able to get done during the morning. She has a current awake window of 2- 2. 5 hrs, but no structured time as to when she takes naps. She needs tummy time for more than an hour a day and we have a few tips and tricks because she does need a little extra help. Tummy and nap time usually fall around afternoon when we will be needing a sitter. We would love to have someone in here that knows when to let her struggle a little to figure something out and when to lift her up (literally and figuratively) when she needs. Additionally, as her schedule changes, we are hoping you can be flexible with us in ensuring she reaches most of her goals for the day! If you are interested in trading services I can offer neurofeedback. Our ideal caregiver: Ideally, I would like someone who is on our level with the style of care we provide as parents. We are all about strengthening healthy communication, attachment and providing optimal environments in which to grow. Looking for someone who is caring and understanding as our little one has not had much interaction due to covid restrictions and may need a little more tlc and time in getting to know you.. Additional needs include light housekeeping, having a reliable car, being comfortable with pets and a non-smoker. We could use help with structuring activities. Looking for a caregiver for my infant daughter. Looking for care Tuesdays (2:30pm-6pm), Wednesdays (12-6pm), and Thursdays (12-6pm).

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How much do nanny jobs pay in Eureka, CA?
The average pay rate for nannying jobs in Eureka, CA is $14.00 per hour as of January 2021. This rate will vary depending on your previous nannying and child care experience, the number of kids you'll care for, the child care certifications you have and the total amount of hours required of you per day/week.
How can I find nanny jobs near me? has 4 nanny positions in Eureka, CA. You can search for local families looking for nannies by distance from Eureka and compare your options by filtering by hourly pay rate, the ages and number of kids you will be nannying for and the number of hours you hope to work for the family each week.
Are families hiring nannies in Eureka during the pandemic?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on as a place to connect and help each other, especially during these critical times. Many parents working from home will want to have someone they can trust to care and entertain and take care of their kids for a few hours a day or more. If you're looking for a nanny job, there are currently 4 nanny job opportunities in Eureka, CA posted by families who need help.