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Olivia M.|Tallahassee, FL

$10-15/hr 27 yrs old

Your Own Personal Dedicated Part Time Working Companion, Maid, Chef, And Confidant, Rolled Into One! Oh And I Sing And Dance Too Upon Request :)

I am my mother's daughter. She passes down her legacy. I believe being raised by a warm, lighthearted, joyous, peaceful, kind, affectionate, dedicated, caring and at times selfless human being has undoubtedly made me mom 2. 0. I believe nature and nature both come into play. The best next thing to my mom! My mother taught me how to really clean. My mother taught me how to cook. My mother showed me that a listening ear and a smile goes a long way. My mother showed me how to be authentic. My mother told me one of these days I would learn how to support myself and here I am trying just that. I am 23 years old. I remember the good old days when I could volunteer for hours as many times a week because it was fun and rewarding to help people. Not only that but it was fun to be around toddlers and seniors. I joined my mother as we visited senior citizens in the city of Tallahassee every Monday. I've been volunteering at a daycare for 2 years now. Whether you're 2 or or 82 we want to feel like we matter to someone else. I say all this to stress that thankfully I'm qualified to be an elderly care taker. No matter how many years of experience I've had cleaning, cooking, doing what is asked of me, I would never claim to be experienced without having a warm personality. What's experience in a helping profession if your presence doesn't warm another persons heart. I have an amazing track record of spreading positivity and love wherever I go. Unfortunately myself and most everyone I know has encountered at least one person in their life in the a helping profession for example nurse, receptionist, doctor, tutor, who lacked a warm personality, who put a damper on your day and you ask yourself. "Why is this person doing this job, why would this person want this job, or worse who hired this person?" Point being along with everything I just wrote, I would love this opportunity because I love filling a need, being useful, and because I believe that more people deserve hiring individuals like myself who are care takes who have worked for free since the day they were born, oblivious and ignoring the fact that it could becoming a paying job, who have actively avoided a salary for as many years as they could, because my heart is in the right place.
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