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I & B Cleaning Services

1867 North Lake Dr, Troy, MI

I & B is a company established in 2008 which is based in Troy, MI. It provides cleaning services for commercial facilities and residential buildings and aims quality for every customer. It has gained quite the experience working in numerous industries such as office, school, hotel, church, clinic, store, factory, property, and house.

I & B is a company which is well based on rational plan and points out the work in team. It gives the crew its due fair rate per hour, the necessary hours, and brand supply. Keeping at it for whatever tasks they are doing. Afterwards, it makes sure that the cleaning job gets done at the right and proper time.
It provides daily general cleaning service, including extra regular tasks for interior and exterior of entrance areas as well as appropriate removal of spots on carpet, hard floor, wall, door, etc. Weekly, it pays close attention to detailed tasks, keeping in such manner the building tidy and dust and odor free. I & B detail cleaning crew works separately from janitorial crew. Depending on the number and size of the building, it arranges detailed tasks.

The company has pinned down the cleaning tasks, which is all that's needed to get the job done. The point is about the agreement of scope work that is executed by three experienced crews of I & B cleaning services team who are efficiently working separately for every single area, which are janitorial cleaning and detailed tasks while specialized services, as appropriated in a signed agreement, is to be ready in due time to do regular carpet cleaning and window washing quarterly or twice/once a year.

I & B provides services rooted firmly in balance and knows how to secure the whole attention of the team to quality. The price is moderate for one full year at least and the bid is submitted to get the job done every day/night. Ever so, the customers have appreciated I & B cleaning job, distinguishing obviously the difference in their building that seems to be the outcome of productive labor.

The following are some of the opportunities the company has:

* Janitorial
* Custodial
* Office
* Maid
* House
* Carpet
* Window
* Cleanup
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