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STEPS Home Care

3 Barker Ave 2nd Floor, White Plains, NY

STEPS Home Care is a family, female, and locally owned Licensed Home Care Agency providing Concierge Home Care in the New York Metropolitan Area.

We understand caring for loved ones can be challenging and stressful. STEPS evolved from the experiences of caring for our family. Our goal is simple: provide you with peace of mind. In order to do this, we use 3 guiding principles: Family, Passion, and Stability.

Headquartered in White Plains, NY, STEPS Home Care is a family, female, and locally owned company. We are people just like you, who have had to care for aging loves ones. We know from experience the stress involved in coordinating home care for your family sometimes from several hours away. Our family is here to help yours. We will take care of your Mom or Dad just as we have taken care of our own. You are not alone.

At STEPS, everyone has passion and pride in everything they do, including hiring Caregivers with the same devotion. We started the agency to share our passion for caring for families. Our management team knows every family, makes a point to be actively involved in the care coordination, and stays in constant contact with you.

We strategically recruit Caregivers with previous experience, excellent references, and specific skills (i.e. drivers, dementia, fall prevention, etc.). Then we pay them well above the industry average, and provide a comprehensive benefits package. This results in in a much more stable workforce. Our focus on hiring the best Caregivers and treating them well, combined with our attention to finding the Right Fit results in longer lasting relationships.

STEPS Home Care offers a continuum of Concierge services that vary according to the level of care and the amount of time you need a Caregiver on a weekly basis. Our care ranges from Companion Care to more complicated Skilled Nursing. So, as the situation changes over time, we can revise the Plan of Care to evolve along with it. We service Westchester, Fairfield, and Nassau Counties, and Manhattan and Riverdale.

Chestnut Health Navigation -RN Care/Case Management

530 Shore Acres Dr, Mamaroneck, NY

Nursing case management is a dynamic and systematic collaborative approach to provide and coordinate health care services to a defined population. The framework  includes five components: assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and interaction.
Nurse case managers actively participate with their clients to identify and facilitate options and services for meeting individuals' health needs, with the goal of decreasing fragmentation and duplication of care, and enhancing quality, cost-effective clinical outcomes
Medical care plans are outlines or summaries or the types of medical care and treatments that patients should receive. Case management nurses help create these plans with a number of things in mind. First and foremost, a care plan is based on the type of injury or illness that a person is suffering from. Medical professionals creating care plans will also take a patient s medical history, including allergies and risk factors for other illnesses, into consideration when creating care plans. Other aspects that may help determine a patient s course of treatment include their health insurance plan, prognosis, and needs and wants of both the patient and their loved ones.
Generally, case management nurses are more prominent in specialties that require patients to receive long-term care, such as those with chronic illnesses or long-term care needs
First, a case management nurse will usually assess a patient and consult with other medical professionals such as attending physicians. From there, the medical team can devise a care plan based partly on the patient s medical problems and history, and partly on the wants and needs of the patient and his loved ones.
Since a one-size-fits-all approach to treating medical approach is not feasible, each individual patient s care plan will be different, even if just slightly. Because of this, a case management nurse must take a patient s medical history into consideration when creating an effective and safe care plan. For example, some patients are allergic to or may have had a bad reaction to some substances, and therefore cannot be treated with certain medications. The wants and needs of patients will vary greatly as well. Some patients, for instance, may have other obligations that make scheduling treatments and doctor visits somewhat difficult, while others may have limited means of transportation or mobility issues. Planning a medical treatment plan around the wants and needs of the patients greatly increases the effectiveness of the plans.
It is also often up to the case management nurse to inform and support each patient throughout the course of their treatment. They might keep them abreast of different treatment options, for example, or inform them of various resources that they might employ during their medical care. This type of information and support enables patients to be more proactive about their medical decisions.
Medical care plans are periodically reevaluated by case management nurses and other members of the medical teams. Case management nurses must stay on top of any changes in a patient s condition or lifestyle that will affect treatment. If changes are made in a patient s condition or lifestyle, the case management nurse will often need to update the case management plan to reflect and accommodate these changes.
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FAQs for finding home care agencies in Scarsdale

What types of services in 2021 can a home care agency in Scarsdale, NY provide?
Home care agencies in Scarsdale, NY can assess the needs of your loved one and send a caregiver to their home to help them. They can assign one, or several caregivers to your loved one depending on how much care they need and the exact services they need. Home care agencies will also periodically supervise their caregivers and provide back-up services around Scarsdale if needed.
In 2021 what should I look for in a good home care agency near me in Scarsdale, NY?
When you begin contacting home care agencies in Scarsdale, NY you need to make sure they have experience managing the exact type of senior care your loved one needs. Ask specific questions about how their caregivers manage things like mobility, medication prompting, emergency situations and the frequency in which they update you on how your loved one is doing. Also ask how often they will supervise their caregivers and what procedures you should follow if you need back-up care or are dissatisfied with how care is being provided.
How can I find senior home care agencies near me?
There are currently 23 home care agencies in Scarsdale, NY on and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare listings to see how long each agency has been in business and read descriptions of the types of services each agency provides.
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