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Geriatrics For Life

1268 Camp Ridge Lane, Middleburg, FL

Everyday we help our clients answer these questions:

Is there anyone to coordinate doctor appointments?
Can someone tell me what happened at my loved one's doctor appointment?
Can someone check on my loved one and keep me informed of what's going on?
Why doesn't the hospital ( or home care agency, or new doctor, or assisted living, or nursing home, or other provider) already know this? Isn't it in the computer?

These are questions that are addressed by Geriatric Care Management. We help mom or dad maintain top notch care in his or her optimal setting. We maintain a relationship of trust that results in increased quality of life and decreased hospitalizations. We create a network that is centered around our clients. We communicate with doctors, pick up medications, provide in person socialization and wellness checks that are customized to our clients. Our clients feel that they have a family member who is the person who knows what medical needs they have and the resources to meet them. The family members have decreased loss of work. Our clients and families also enjoy relationships no longer based solely on medical needs and appointments.
We complete a full assessment of health, clinical, social, functional, safety, financial, emotional, and living needs. We then use this information to provide a highly individualized and customized care plan that incorporates both medical needs and lifestyle.

Please call for free in home consultation.
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