The Parenting & Technology Report

The care and protection of our children is of utmost importance to all parents. The changing landscape in which we live - with technology playing an increasingly prevalent role - is one factor which we must consider when making choices about child care, while evolving attitudes to technology amongst younger people influence the way we make those decisions all the time.

In this report from, we surveyed 805 families to explore their experiences of parenting and technology, their opinions on the place of technology in the modern family, and their own use of technology from smartphones to social networks. Download the report using the link below to read the full findings: Parenting & Technology Report

Report Summary

The prevalence of tech in our homes is at an all time high. According to the Childwise Monitor Report for 2018, the percentage of children aged 11+ who own mobile phones has reached 91%, while according to the BBC, half of children aged 11 - 12 have social media profiles - in spite of the 13 year age minimum across most.

Of course, access to technology is not necessarily a good or a bad thing and, in many ways, depend on how it’s used.

In a survey of 805 UK based parents, we explored a range of topics relating to parenting and technology, including:

  • How much time children spend with screens on an average weekday
  • Frequency of arguments relating to media usage between parents and children
  • Use of technology as a shared activity
  • Most popular social media channels amongst parents
  • Opinions on use of photography on social media
  • Worries parents have about social media use

This report documents the questions asked of our respondents, and their answers. It also provides expert commentary to give context to responses, making their insights valuable to real life application.

Furthermore, it highlights just how much opinions vary when it comes to parenting. For anyone out there with a child or children, we’re sure you’ll agree… there’s no right or wrong, and we’re all just doing our best.

Many thanks to our report commentators who are Alex Kremer, birth and parenting coach, Dr Tamara Begumbe, paediatrician, Laura Jones MPharmS, clinical lead and Richard Curtis, author of 'The Parent’s Guide to the Modern World'.

For further information or access to the data from this report, please email