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2214 Huntington Ave, Alexandria, VA

Can you recall the last day you spent 16 hours inside?

Remember the anxiety, the boredom, the need to move?

Imagine how your dog feels. Most days, he s lounging around the house by himself, waiting for you to get home to let him out in the backyard or for a quick neighborhood walk. Sure, there are comfy beds and plenty of toys, but what if you were born to run?

Dogs love to play and move. Give yours the chance to stretch his legs and get some dog-level exercise in by scheduling a run with us today.

How do we walk or run your dog?

Safety first:
We run your dog on your leash so she s comfortable, and we add a jogging leash for safety. This way, we can use the same signals you do, either by collar or harness, but we can ensure we ll always stay with your dog with the jogging leash that attaches to the human runner.

Additionally, we only run your dog when the outside temperature is safe. If the mercury is over 80 degrees or under 35, we ll work the schedule to run when it s best for your dog. This means most of our runs take place in the early morning or evening during the summer months.

Fun the whole time!
A close second, we want your dog to enjoy every minute of his run. We ll start out running at the pace most comfortable for them. If they re a little slow, we ll build up their stamina and speed over time. If they re ready to sprint, we ll make sure we get them to their top speeds as well as maintaining energy for longer runs. And if their style is silly skips and jumps, we ll happily dance along with them!

Fitness and health
We ll report back to you each week on your dog s workouts. We ll chart progress and note any health developments. You can use this information to better care for your dog or with your veterinarian for weight loss or trainer for behavior modification.
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