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Group Leader - Position Summary: The Children's Aid after scho...

Part Time $15 – 25/hr Starts ASAP New York, NY
Position Summary: The Children's Aid after school programs provide innovative and effective social-emotional, academic, family and health and wellness services, sparking enthusiasm for learning, focusing on continuous improvement and working with our school and community partners, we establish a strong foundation for success. Our goal is to promote leadership, teamwork, academic improvement, physical health, multi-cultural awareness, and emotional and social growth to develop well-rounded and disciplined community leaders. The facilitator is responsible for the supervision and care of (up to) 20 children, which comprise a group or club. A facilitator is a leader who commits to teaching by modeling and demonstrating characteristics that participants can learn from. The facilitator will work to support the Program Director by supporting after school staff with lesson planning, lesson implementation, curriculum design and training during and for the after school staff. Compensation: $15 - $25 an hour depending on qualifications Responsibilities: Demonstrate a commitment to the Children's Aid's mission, vision and show initiation and motivation in achieving the site's shared goals. Work cooperatively with other staff members of the program (may include late nights and/or weekends). Assist with events coordinated by the Program Director or the Center or Community School Director, such as on-site registration, student recognition, etc. Provide individual and group tutoring in areas such as reading, writing, mathematics and study skills Plan, teach, supervise and organize games Establish and maintain rapport with the students and parents. Help students develop the study skills and positive attitude necessary for academic success. Assist in establishing, monitoring, and maintaining safe and respectful behavior of participants. Create action plans or academic plans for individual children as needed or required. Administer pre- and post-tests and/or assessments as needed. Collect and monitor daily participant information such as attendance, grades and assignments. Attend mandatory periodic training sessions given by Community School or Center staff members to increase competency in working with students and families. Complete any additional assignments and mandatory paperwork as given by the Program Director or the Center or Community School Director in support of the program's success. Staff members are all mandated reporters which includes reporting abuse, neglect and maltreatment. Qualifications: At least one year experience working with children - tutoring or teaching is highly preferred Work well in teams and in collaboration with other organizations and entities. Strong communication skills and well organized. Bilingual preferred (Spanish/English, oral and written).

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