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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2002
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
BA Degree in Social Science/Theology.
C.D.A. and College Classes in Early Childhood.

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7:30AM - 6:00PM
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7:30AM - 6:00PM
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7:30AM - 6:00PM
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7:30AM - 6:00PM
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Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 0 per week 1
Toddler $ 0 per week 1
Pre-K $ 0 per week --
All Ages $ 60 per day --
*availability last updated on 01/12/2016
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)

Ratings & Reviews

( 13)
Nicole C
We cannot express how thankful we are to have found Cradles-N-Crayons. We initially tried a 5 star brand new daycare and realized it was not the nurturing, learning environment we wanted for our son so we started looking at in-home options and found this one. Mrs. Ramsey and Paige are amazing providers and our son absolutely adores them. Their home is clean, safe and provides separate space for naps. Our son has been there since he was 5 mo. old (now 14 mo) and he has never been sick and is always happy during drop-off and returns clean, fed, and well-rested. They have accommodated any special requests we've had and openly communicate about daily activities. The children there are well-behaved and respectful. Our son interacts with children of different ages and is very well adapted to social situations. I know our son gets the attention he needs and deserves. This is an amazing in-home daycare and I highly recommend it!!
Kristene H
We love Mrs. Ramsey and Ms. Paige! My daughter and nephew have been enrolled since they were 12 weeks old. The atmosphere is very stimulating and Mrs. Ramsey and Ms. Paige are excellent providers. As a brand new mom I felt very reassured that the kids were going to a home where they were getting lots of attention (they sent me pictures!!). Both kids always came home clean, well-fed, and well-rested. Now that they are older, they are sociable, well-behaved and excited to go to 'school' everyday to see their friends. I would recommend this daycare to anyone looking for quality care!
Sarah G
My daughter has been attending Ms. Ramsey and Paige's daycare for 10 months now (since she was 12 weeks old), and my husband and I are absolutely thrilled with the quality of care they provide. She always comes home well-rested and fed, and with clean clothes. My daughter even gets excited being dropped off at Ms. Ramsey's because she enjoys being there so much. The level of attention and care they give my daughter means the world to me, because my husband and I both do not have any family close by in the Cincinnati area who can care for her while we're at work. Knowing this, we wanted to make sure our daughter received the highest level of attention and care possible, and she does. I have absolutely no regrets with choosing Ms. Ramsey and Paige's in-home daycare. I will recommend them to anyone!
Carrie B
Ms. Ramsey & Ms. Paige are fantastic! They immediately made us feel like family! If you're looking for a quality in home childcare look no further! We were truly impressed with the structured care provided and the attention each child receives from having 2 caregivers!!
Michelle E
After several months at the YMCA with out of control kids and many incident reports with my child, I decided to start looking for in home child care for my son. My best friend had her son in Cradles N Crayons and highly recommended it. When I first walked in, I was unsure about it since it was not what I was used to. I was used to the big huge child care facilities. But....I was not used to such a small group of "calm" kids, loving support from Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Paige, one on one attention from them both, NO incident reports, his clothes never ruined, easy drop off's, and my son LOVING his daycare. I can not thank Mrs. Ramsey enough for providing such amazing care to my son. I am so sad we are moving and have to go through the process again, because she is the BEST. If you are looking for an amazing childcare where you know your child is in the best of hands, look no further!!!!
Julie S
Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Paige are wonderful! My son is 2 years old and absolutely loves being with Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Paige. I had my son at the childcare center at my work when he was first born because Ms. Ramsey did not have space at the time. As soon as she had an opening she called me to see if I would like the space. I was so happy to get the call! When we started him at Ms. Ramsey's he was only 8 months old. My son had been terrible sick for two months with ear infections and bad colds leading up to his start at Ms. Ramsey's. He has not been sick once since he started at her house! The care he receives now is amazing compared to the daycare center. He has more personal, loving, one on one attention.

My son has learned so much being with Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Paige. He recognizes all of his letters and numbers, he knows all of his colors and shapes and is speaking in sentences! My 2 year old has manners, and uses please and thank you! I am amazed every time!!! I owe this to Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Paige. I feel comfortable leaving my son in their care everyday and know that he will be in a loving and caring environment!
Nicole R
I met Mrs. Ramsey 6 years ago when my nephew went to her. I got to know her, and her daughters during that time and I could tell that they really enjoyed their job and cared deeply for the kids. The minute we found out we were going to have a baby I called Mrs ramsey in hopes that she she had an opening. She did, and we could not be more happy with the wonderful care she provides for our 9 month old. I feel comfortable dropping him off knowing that he is in the hands of true proffesionals who not only take the time to understand the needs of each specific child,but also enjoy their work and love the kids
Nicole Robinson.
Andrea M
Safe, loving, & engaging environment. Mrs. Ramsey provides all of the advantages of a large daycare facility (learning activities, routine, hot meals), but with love and care that they simply cannot offer. With the high staff turnover that takes place at large facilities, you have no control over who is caring for your child from day to day. This is not the case with Mrs. Ramsey. She is consistently there for the children providing a safe, calm, and nurturing environment where they can truly thrive.
Heather W
I could not give a higher recommendation to the child care that Mrs.Ramsey provides! All 3 of my sons, starting as infants and growing up through toddlerhood, have been a part of this nurturing in-home daycare! Mrs. Ramsey provides a loving atmosphere that feels like home. Each child receives one-on-one attention, and every day is structured and organized. She is great getting infants into a routine of daily naps and feedings. I am convinced to this day that she is the reason all 3 of my boys are great nappers/sleepers. It's also important to point out that all the children are taught from a very early age all the essentials preparing them for kindergarten! She is not just a babysitter as everything from letters, numbers, reading, writing, crafts, manners, etc are taught from the get go. In the summer she has a backyard full of activities the kids can enjoy and play with! Every holiday is celebrated, which has always been exciting for my kids! Bottom line is that you will feel safe and happy with your kids attending Mrs. Ramsey's. She had become a part of our family and we are so happy we found her!
Crystal H
I was a stay at home mommy for two years. When I decided to go back to work I interviewed many sitters. Ms. Ramsey always stood out in my mind. As soon as you walk into her home you feel welcomed. My son, John, who is three has been going there for a little over a year and absolutely adores Ms. Ramsey, Paige, and all of his friends. He has really thrived since he has started there. There is no one out there that compares!!
Sharon B
I feel so fortunate to have found Mrs. Ramsey, Paige, and Cradles-n-Crayons. It's a great balance of fun social activities, learning, and individual care and attention. I had been sending my daughter to a center which offered many activities, but I felt she was getting lost in the shuffle. She has really thrived at Cradles-n-Crayons- she's been there over a year. When I returned to work after my son was born, I felt very comfortable leaving him in the care of Mrs. Ramsey and Paige, and it was also nice knowing he'd be playing, learning, and growing with his sister. As an added plus, he has not been sick as often as his sister was when she was at the larger center at his age. I like that there are two providers to assist with care and they are true professionals.
Latoshia Z
Mrs. Ramsey watched my son when she first started her business. He was 2 at the time (now 14). After putting my daughter in multiple daycares (public & private) and running her back and forth to the doctor due to always being sick, I created an account on to see my other options. I remembered Mrs. Ramsey from all those years ago but had no clue if she was still in business. Low and behold, she was the first business to pop up and I instantly recognized her. She has been watching my daughter for almost a year now. My daughter is almost 2-12. We love Paige and Mrs. Ramsey and so does my daughter. My daughter has not been nearly as sick as she had been in the other facilities. Mrs. Ramsey is big on hand washing and cleanliness, which has carried over with my daughter to home. She always wants to wash her hands! Mrs. Ramsey is a great educator. My daughter has learned so much in the short time being with Mrs. Ramsey. She can count to 20 on her own and counts to 50 with Mrs. Ramsey. My daughter is very articulate and I have to give credit to Mrs. Ramsey for working so hard with her every day. They work on everything from phonics to math to learning the Presidents! Mrs. Ramsey makes homemade meals and my daughter always asks for more. It is a Christian, loving, nurturing, safe environment where my daughter is thriving. Couldn't be more blessed for my children to be fortunate enough to have Mrs. Ramsey as their caregiver while I am at work. She is always very professional and puts our children first. She is a God send! We love her!
We have been sending our daughter to Mrs. Ramsey for over a year and just love the care and attention she receives. Mrs. Ramsey treats all of the children as if they were her own. When our daughter has been sick, she often checks up on her and offers advice to us first time parents. Its comforting to know that Mrs. Ramsey turely does care for our daughter as if she were her own. The kids eat well balanced meals and have a very structured day. I love how Mrs. Ramsey has a pre-school type program for even the youngest of kids. Our daughter is 2 and can already count to 20, knows her ABCs and just this week has been surprising us with knowing the days of the week. Her vocabulary is amazing and I owe that in part to the care and attention she recieves at daycare. Although they do lessons, they also spend plenty of time outside running around, blowing bubbles, feeding the birds, etc. I love how Mrs. Ramsey fosters our daughter's imagination and allows the kids to just be kids. We couldn't be more thrilled with Mrs. Ramsey and Cradles-N-Crayons. We leave our daughter every day knowing that she is well cared for and that is the most comforting feeling for us parents.
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