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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking by Taryn and Nathan's Photo

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking by Taryn and Nathan

5460 White Oak Ave, Encino, CA

We provide excellent pet care service. Including walks, home visits, overnights, med checks, vet visits and basic obedience training.

We have over 13 years of experience in pet care.

Our passion for animals came to a head when Taryn started volunteering for L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue around 2001. Nate of course went along for the ride that is rescue, and found out he LOVED dealing with the problem children, and started researching obedience and behavior methodologies.

Rescue has made us very animal savvy. Knowing if an animal is scared, sick or lonely. Being around all those animals, you naturally fall into pet sitting and dog walking, on a regular basis, and not just for family and friends.

We know that consistency is the key to a happy pet, and we deliver just that. We are honest, reliable, trustworthy and consistent. We are where we say we'll be. Stay the agreed upon time, never shirking our customers, (but since we are having so much fun with our clients, that's very easy to do). We can also offer basic obedience training and refreshers, to keep your pet in tip top shape.

Taryn was a Vet Tech for 3 years, and is comfortable administering meds, orally, sub Q, and taking blood sugar levels. We always watch out for danger signs in pets to see if they are feeling unwell or just feeling lonely. We are cool and calm under pressure and crisis.

We are patient, kind and love all of our clients. We can also be assertive when the pet calls for it and are not pushed over easily. We are not breed biased, love them all big, small, young or old.

We are never happier than when meeting new clients and making long-lasting relationships with their pets. We treat them and love them like they are our own. We actually have a client wall in our home.

We are reasonably priced and can accommodate most budgets. Especially in the areas of repeat or daily visits.

K9s Only's Photo

K9s Only

18603 Topham St, Tarzana, CA

Dog Training

K9s Only has been a premier Los Angeles Dog Training facility proudly serving the Tarzana, West LA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood areas for over 20 years. Our expert knowledge on dog behavior has shaped our dog training methods to look at the whole dog, not just the species. Like people, dogs have different strengths and weaknesses, different ways of learning and their dog training should be tailored to meet their individual needs. There is not ONE way to train every dog.
Dog Hotel / Dog Boarding

Our Los Angeles Dog Boarding facilities each offer private rooms for your dog, providing comfortable beds and blankets in a temperature controlled environment, including Filtered air and water. Our staff maintains the highest cleaning standards and our primary concern is the health and safety of your beloved dog.

Dog Daycare

Each location offers large indoor and outdoor play yards with ramps and obstacles for your dog to play and socialize while in our care. Large dogs and small dogs are separated and most importantly, our daycare yards NEVER have over 25 dogs playing at one time.

Spa / Dog Grooming

K9s Only approach to grooming is one that is built on patience, a gentle hand and with your dog's comfort and special needs in mind. The dog grooming experience should always be relaxing and our groomers will cater to your dogs every need.

Dog Wellness Center:

K9s Only Wellness Center and Day Spa at the Tarzana location features a salt water pool set at a comfortable 92 degrees. Our wellness director offers aquatic fitness, post-surgery water rehabilitation, swim lessons, strengthening using a balance ball, cavalettis, massage, t-touch and more.

Be A Part of the Booming Pet Industry.

K9s Only is the leading all-inclusive destination for K9s, offering training, daycare, hotel, and spa services. Now, you too can follow your dream and own and operate your very own K9s Only.

Why K9s Only? There are several dog hotels and dog daycares offering franchises. What sets K9s Only apart from the rest is experience, passion and success. The K9s Only model sets the standard for K9 care ensuring success in your new business venture.
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