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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider In Belton

Full Time
About who needs care: She has a lot of health issues. She is mobile but sometimes unstable on her feet. We need someone mainly to make sure she is okay over night. We also need someone to remind her to take meds, light house cleaning, possibly get a shower on occasion, make sure she eats or prepares a meal occasionally and getting something she needs in home without her having to get up. (Like filling her water up). Ideal day is watching TV, talking and possibly bringing joy into her life by new things in the home or a hobby we could introduce to her. I really want someone to not talk about their dramas and keep it humourous and light hearted since stress is not good for her. She is out spoken and doesnt always filter. She doesn't do well with change. About the care needs: Someone who has patience because some days she is more demanding asking for things in the home. Someone who doesn't mind cigarettes or talking about anything or an occasional curse word (not directed to them but in speech). She is a Christian woman, truthful and has a heart of gold. She has lost husband, 2 daughters and is a vets wife. Her whole life are her 2 grandchildren she raised and are serving in the military now. She is proud of her home inside but the neighborhood has went down. She grew up three doors down from her present home. Overall the neighborhood is safer than it looks as long as you keep to yourself. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, and bathing / dressing. Preference for a caregiver who is female.

Caring, Loving Nanny Needed For My Children In Belton

Full Time
Our 2-year-old son has a speech delay but is getting better at saying little words! He is a wild child and doesn't ever sit still. He loves to play. His sissy is 1 and of course she's right behind whatever brother is doing and enjoys getting into everything. She loves being read to and looking at all the pictures in books! We have a set of 4-month-old preemie twins and they are G-Tube fed, but don't worry I WILL handle that part. You will NEVER be left alone with the children. I will always be present. I will also be helping do chores around the house. You will just be responsible for the smaller household chores. I just need help with keeping all my babies happy, clean, and fed so I can have time to tend to the house, laundry and to help make running errands a bit easier! We are on a schedule around the house with nap times and feedings. Our ideal caregiver: I need a caregiver that is patient, understanding, kind, enthusiastic, non judgemental, and knows how to make a baby happy that can help around the house with my children with simple tasks like changing diapers, light housekeeping, help organize toys, vacuum, etc. Also to attend doctors appointments and grocery shopping just to help get all the babies in and out of the car and in buggies. Additional needs include light housekeeping, meal prep, having a reliable car, being comfortable with pets and a non-smoker. Looking for a caregiver for my infant son, infant son, 1-year-old daughter, and 2-year-old son. Flexible start date. My schedule may vary.
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