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Affordable Cleaning Excellence

8 Cinnamon Springs, South Windsor, CT

We are a cleaning company that is owned by a mother and son (Lorianna and Damon) who work together.

Here are the services we offer.

Both residential and commercial cleaning along with move ins and move outs.
Pet friendly and we offer dog walking!

Routine House Cleaning:

Complete cleaning of the kitchen including inside your microwave.

- Detailed dusting.

- Clean baseboards, window sills, light fixtures and picture frames.

- Floors vacuumed and mopped.

- Throw rugs shaken out.

- Trashcans emptied and garbage taken out.

- Every inch of the bathrooms cleaned.

- Cobwebs & fingerprints removed.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning:

- Shower stall glass doors

- Finger prints on walls and moldings

- Baseboards, Window Sills, Wainscoting or Moldings

- Louver doors

- Vacuuming all furniture inside and out
- Cleaning inside of all light fixtures

- Ceiling fans

- Lamps, pictures, legs on furniture

- Cleaning behind and under all furniture

- Inside the oven, refrigerator and kitchen cabinets

- Inside medicine cabinets & closets

- Flip in windows

- Flip mattresses

- Polish silver

- Inside baseboard heaters

Holiday and Party Cleaning


Office Cleaning:

- Glass doors

- Disinfect phones

- Clean fingerprints from walls

- Dusting

- Empty Garbage

- Kitchenettes

- Bathrooms

- Conference Rooms


Move In Or Move Out Cleaning

- Inside closets, cupboards, kitchen drawers

- Window sills

- Fingerprints

- Cupboard fronts

- Inside refrigerator & oven

- Moldings

- Vacuum & mop floors


Additional Services:

- Laundry wash & dry

- Inside cabinets

- Inside fridge

- Inside oven

- Interior walls

- Interior windows

- Shower door buildup