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Funky Fresh

2081 Wilkinson Avenue, Marquette, MI

Funky Fresh cleaning services offers a wide variety of cleaning jobs. I can, and will clean just about anything!
Without the use of harsh chemicals, Funky Fresh aims to give customers the safest and healthiest form of cleaning whether it be for your home, your vehicles, on your boat, or in your office! Using Norwex cleaning supplies and high pressure steam, this allows me to efficiently disinfect while giving you a clean and safe environment for your children and your pets.

Funky Fresh uses Norwex cleaning supplies which eliminates the use of chemicals by 100%. By simply using water, and applying it to my microfiber enviro cloths, your house is left naturally clean, fresh and safe to touch.

With the use of my Big Green Bissel Machine, I specialize in carpet cleaning for all areas of your home or vehicles. It tackles the toughest stains, restoring carpet to like new conditions. I can restore furniture upholstery as well. I have a variety of carpet cleaners to best fit your needs. If it s a deep clean you want, or a cleaner specific for allergy seasons, Funky Fresh has the cleaner for you!!

I also own a Mcculloch steam canister to tackle tough cleaning tasks. Water temperature reaches 200 degrees, and vaporizes into steam. This allows me to obliterate tough stains in your kitchen, soap scum in your shower, or your filthy grout around your fire place or on your patio. The Mcculloch is one of the safest forms of cleaning, as it eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and is safe on almost every surface.

I also specialize in the use of essential oils to leave your home with a fresh and all natural aroma. With a variety of different scents, you re sure to find the scent that speaks to you and gives your home that enticing aroma that s sure to leave your nasal passages feeling satisfied!