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California Quality Care and Safety Monitoring

3270 Walnut Street 1643, Cottonwood, CA

My name is Greg. I'm the owner of California Quality Care and Safety Monitoring. California Quality Care and Safety Monitoring is a unique new business designed to provide one time or monthly services designed to deter neglect, abuse, or exploitation of elder or disabled adults.

California Quality Care and Safety Monitoring can provide the following services:
Advocate for personal, patient, and consumer rights as required.
Conduct routine health and safety visits to maintain independence.
Conduct visits to promote satisfactory care.
Conduct visits at odd hours to reduce possible abuse.
Monitor mail to identify sweepstakes and other scams.
Conduct visits to provide companionship or an outlet for personal grievances.
Provide oversight and witness service during important events.
Contact creditors to pay or dispute bills.
Provide standby when strangers such as gardeners, etc., are present.
Provide witness service during the signing of important documents.
Respond to non-medical urgent calls.
Conduct visits to ensure outside contracted services are being rendered.
Provide other agreed upon services as may be requested.

Verifiable veterans will receive a discount.

California Quality Care and Safety Monitoring is not a law firm and does not provide legal services of any kind.

I'm a former law enforcement officer who has specific experience protecting elderly and disabled adults at both the state and federal level. As peace of mind, note that I have successfully passed no less than two extensive background investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies to include their associated psychological and polygraph evaluations (far more than most health professionals, or non-medical home care workers currently providing assistance).

Whether it's monitoring to make sure other people are adhering to well written standards of care, advocating rights, witnessing important events, or just making sure a loved one is well while at home or in a facility, I would appreciate your business.
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FAQs for finding home care agencies in Cottonwood

What types of services in 2021 can a home care agency in Cottonwood, CA provide?
Home care agencies in Cottonwood, CA can assess the needs of your loved one and send a caregiver to their home to help them. They can assign one, or several caregivers to your loved one depending on how much care they need and the exact services they need. Home care agencies will also periodically supervise their caregivers and provide back-up services around Cottonwood if needed.
In 2021 what should I look for in a good home care agency near me in Cottonwood, CA?
When you begin contacting home care agencies in Cottonwood, CA you need to make sure they have experience managing the exact type of senior care your loved one needs. Ask specific questions about how their caregivers manage things like mobility, medication prompting, emergency situations and the frequency in which they update you on how your loved one is doing. Also ask how often they will supervise their caregivers and what procedures you should follow if you need back-up care or are dissatisfied with how care is being provided.
How can I find senior home care agencies near me?
There are currently 2 home care agencies in Cottonwood, CA on and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare listings to see how long each agency has been in business and read descriptions of the types of services each agency provides.