MDV Online Creator's Workshop

Sunday, Aug 2 from 5:15–6:15pm CDT View the full series
In business since April, '13
8–16 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
10% sibling discount available

The weekly Writer's Workshop is returning in its newest form: The Creator's Workshop. This means we'll be expanding the artistic pursuits that we critique and hone. Of course, we will still write, but we may also look at art, game design, running a D&D or Star Wars game, or other activities as guided by the student's interest.

Over the summer, we'll focus on setting a goal that is attainable and creating a completed product. That could be a short story, a simple board game, an adventure for their players, or whatever is within the student's capabilities. We'll work independently outside of class time and receive feedback and guidance at meetings. The workshop will focus on constructive criticism and analysis from both teachers and classmates. It will also feature a lesson relevant to the creative process to help guide our progress. Students are responsible for completing their work, but will have an instructor available throughout the week to answer questions and offer guidance.

We will be using Google Classroom for our meetings and for sharing our work. Links and instructions will be shared after registration.

This session will take place on Google Meet through Google classrooms. The class code will be provided after registration.

roleplay, storytelling, creative thinking, enrichment, creativity, arts, Dungeon-Verse, mdv, art, play, music, and language
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