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Attention: Childminder Needed for My Child

by Zoe • Sheffield
I am looking for a childminder to help me with my child. Over the summer I'll need someone to pick up my son from nursery on Thursdays, and from September it'll be school pick up on Thursdays. I'm based in the Crookes area. Experience and references are a plus. If you think you'd be a good match, please get in touch.
£26 - £343 Hr. / Week

Day/Afternoon and evening nanny :)

by Cristina • London
Hello, We are looking for a creative nanny to help us look after our 4 year old boy. Ideally to work with us during the summer and teach our boy another language and help us also in September in the afternoons when our son starts school. We are looking for someone who lives local who can walk or cycle to our house. Also occasional baby sitting in the evenings! Thank You. We have a lovely cat :)
£263 - £33830 Hr. / Week

Looking For A Qualified Child Carer For Our Child

by Danielle • Liverpool
I work 3 days a week and struggling to find child care for through the summer holidays I have 2 children one is 7 an one is 11 both are epileptic and autistic am looking for someone who has experience in caring for children with extra care needs.
£70 - £908 Hr. / Week

Afternoon Nanny for 2 Girls in Balham SW12

by Roland • London
We are looking for an enthusiastic, young-at-heart nanny to pick up our little girls from school and have a fun time until the end of the day (while also getting them fed and occasionally bathed!). The job will be Mon-Thurs and the hours are slightly flexible. Ideally the day would start at 12pm (Nursery pick up) and finish at 6pm. But we could register the little one for some afternoon nursery sessions once or twice a week, when the day would start at 3.30pm. So it would be between 16-24 hours per week, depending on your schedule. Although the term doesn't start until September we are also interested if you can help out during the summer holidays! Our girls are outgoing and sociable who enjoy messing about in the park as well as indoor play like arts and crafts and baking. We also have a lovely well behaved small dog who would be around the house - but the nanny isn't responsible for walks or anything like that!
£236 - £30325 Hr. / Week

Childminder or au pair

by Zoe • Reading
I am currently working at least 16 hours per week and need someone to look after mywo boys through the summer holiday period. When they return to school I will still need the childminding service for drop offs and pick ups to and from school. I am located in Woodley so. Preferably someone nearby.
£306 - £39435 Hr. / Week

Full time nanny needed in Oxford over summer school holidays

by Laura • Oxford
Full time. A qualified and experienced nanny wanted in Oxford over summer school holidays. To start asap. Must be a driver. Three young children. Comfortable around a dog. Weekdays Mon to Fri, either full day 8/8:30/9 am to 7/7:30pm or morning shift 8/8:30/9am to 2pm or afternoon shift 1:30/2-8pm.
£70 - £908 Hr. / Day

Weekend nanny needed in Oxford over summer school holidays

by Laura • Oxford
Qualified and experienced. Must be driver and comfortable around a dog. Three young children. To start asap. Weekends , half days/ full days over summer school holidays.
£70 - £908 Hr. / Day

Need a Registered Childminder for Our Child

by Auguste • Birmingham
Hello, we are searching for a responsible, reliable and registered childminder with a few years experience (SEN experience possibly) who can help us with our 5 year old who has mild/moderate autism. We need someone to cover summer holidays and possible after school later in September (not essential at the moment). Ideally you should be located within 6 miles from Birmingham City Centre. Please send me a message if you are interested.
£70 - £908 Hr. / Week

Nanny Needed for Our Child in London N5

by Kanika • London
Nanny with own car is essential! Hello, I'm Kanika and I'm looking for a responsible nanny for our nearly 4 year old child - full time over the summer holidays (40 hours a week) and when school resumes in September, after school role 3-.630pm and possibly morning drop offs too. Own car/driving is essential. It would be great if you have a few years of experience and heartfelt references. Send me a message to receive further details.
£263 - £33830 Hr. / Week

Looking for a Childminder for 2 Children

by Chris • London
We have two very energetic and chatty girls - age nearly 4 and nearly 7. I work for a bank and my wife is a design researcher, we are a friendly, sociable and loving family. Our ideal nanny/childminder would be friendly, creative & sporty (and if you play the piano that's a huge bonus!) We'd love someone who is happy to feed, entertain and do bits of reading / homework with the girls as ########....### finally we need someone who doesn't mind helping to keep the house in check (eg filling and emptying dishwasher, wiping surfaces, tidying away toys etc) in return we'll be good employers, look after you & be as flexible as we can to work around all our schedules. We are looking for someone who can initially help us with around 20hours (3 x full days per week) of childcare whilst we are both currently working from home. We will then need a little more help during the summer holidays and, ideally we also want someone to continue to help us into the new school year in Sept with after school care (around 3 hours x 3 days a week - 3.30-6.30ish)
£188 - £24220 Hr. / Week
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