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Carer to assist in the care of a 78 year old male post stroke

by Masood • Manchester
Looking for a carer to assist in the care of a 78 year old male who is currently being cared for by his wife post his stroke 8 years ago. Needs assistance in facilitating exercises and manipulation and massage of limbs. Daily assistance for 2-3 hours on Monday - Friday needed.
£18 - £232 Hr. / Day

Part-time Personal Assistant for a 6 years old girl with complex needs

by Yelda • London
The PA will help E in her daily activities including but not limited to help with all aspects of personal care, organise and perform play activities, do therapy sessions as directed, take her out for activities in the community, drop off and pick up from school, all while using E's means for communication (eyegaze). The PA will help E with positioning, moving around and transitions. This may require lifting her as necessary. The PA will build good relationship with E and will help her emotional wellbeing and socialising and will assist her communication with others.
£99 - £1279 Hr. / Week

Looking for carer/nurse for cheeky + disabled 5 year old lad

by Elly • London
Looking for a carer/nurse/PA to work with my son, a cheeky and cheerful disabled 5-year-old with a rare metabolic disorder. He requires full support for everything (he's unable to move independently), he's also nonverbal, but he lets you know how he feels :) Things you'd need to be comfortable doing: - Feeding via gastrostomy, repositioning, continence and personal cares, manual handling, cooking blends, feeding orally (this requires dysphasia training, if you don't have it, we can get it for you), medication administration, managing seizures, physio/stretches and working to multiple care plans. What we need you to do: Our boy is a so very happy, but he needs help to engage with the world. This role is as much about caring and entertainment as it is the medical/nursing side. he loves music/rhythm, and going for walks. He likes sensory play (splashing in water, exploring pompoms or jelly or dried rice or or or), and brightly coloured things and singing. He needs someone willing to come up with daily mini adventures, fun things he can do to keep his day-to-day interesting. We'd like someone willing to keep him happy and engaged.
£219 - £28120 Hr. / Week

SEN Nanny to take care of twins residing in Newham

by Genelle • London
SEN NANNY for Boy & Girl (6 year old Twins) Essential Skills/Traits: - Previous work experience with early/primary years children - Knowledgeable and experienced working with Autistic children - Previous experience working with speech and language delays - Ability to implement and work alongside therapies and interventions provided by specialists e.g Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy - Strong communication skills - Proactivity and Reliability - Physically capable - Switched on with a great sense of awareness - High standard of cleanliness and organisation - A warm, engaging and kind personality Main Duties include: - School drop - off and pick - up - Preparing afternoon snacks - Cooking and preparing dinner and dinner time routine - Engaging B6 in activities and strategies in line with his key areas for development - Interacting with both children in activities in line with their special interests and areas of development, supporting homework - Bath / Bedtime routine - Light nursery duties such as the children's laundry and preparing school uniforms - Communicating clearly with parents about the children/household The family are looking for an aware, energetic and enthusiastic Special Educational Needs Nanny, who can provide fantastic and fun care for their children. The SEN Nanny selected will be able to follow and support therapies and interventions determined by the family (in conjunction with the SEN Nanny) and professionals. A genuine passion for working with children and special educational needs is a must.
£382 - £49135 Hr. / Week

We are visiting London from the US for a wedding in our family- have an 8yo son with autism

by Peter • London
Responsibilities would be watching our son who is high energy and non verbal. We are staying in the Towne Place Suites Kensington. We would need just watching/putting to bed on Wed Oct 5th from 6pm-10pm and feeding dinner/getting ready for bed from 2pm-10pm Oct 7th.
£219 - £2822 days, 10 Hr.

Babysitter required for an 8 year old autistic boy.

by Vicki • Cambridge
We are looking for a babysitter experienced in special needs for our eight year old autistic son. If it goes well would like it to be a regular monthly arrangement but would like to spend an initial few sessions getting to know each other first.
£29 - £383 Hr. / Month

Learning Support Assistant (LSA) - Reception class

by Jacinta • London
My son is in Reception and attends school 5 days a week. He requires someone to help him during the school day (9-3pm) Monday to Friday. It will be providing him with 1-2-1 support in the classroom setting, particularly in the area of focus, attention and concentration in the classroom. He also has Speech and Language Therapy with a separate therapist (1 hour per week), which you will be required to accompany him. Previous experience as a LSA is preferable.
£66 - £856 Hr. / Day

Qualified SEN support worker to provide weekend and holiday support f

by Claire • London
This job is ideally suited to someone working in a SEN school or similar, who is looking for additional weekend and holiday work. Our daughter is a wonderful, gentle soul, with severe learning difficulties. She is at a weekly special boarding school and we are looking for someone to provide ad hoc weekend support during the day plus to be a full time carer when she is home for the school holidays. Support at weekends would be taking her walking, swimming etc, giving her lunch/tea, providing support with toileting: e.g. five hours on a Saturday or Sunday (flexible). Support during holidays would be 9am - 6:30pm, five days a week. Getting her up, washing and dressing her, giving her breakfast, lunch and tea. Making a plan for each day and taking her out into the community, painting and drawing, cooking etc. Bathing her and getting her ready for bed before leaving. There may also be a requirement for ad hoc evening work. Experience with special needs young adults would be preferable.
£66 - £846 Hr. / Week

Looking for SEN nanny for adorable, happy 9 year old girl

by Jean • London
O. is an adorable, active and giggly 9 year old girl who enjoys running around the park, bubbles, and swimming. She has Angelman’s syndrome, a sensory processing disorder and epilepsy (absences). She is joyful little girl who makes people happy. O. is mobile yet uses a wheelchair for long distances. She thrives on routine, structure and knowing what comes next. Her speech is constantly improving, and she uses a PODD, and GRID 3 Super Core talker to communicate. O. is looking for her very own Mary Poppins who will be lots of fun and become a member of the family. You will be responsible for daily nanny duties, meal preparation for O. and light household tasks. You will organise age-appropriate activities afterschool, help with lessons, and encourage progress with communication. This is a sole charge role. Please have experience supporting children with additional needs and an interest in working on communication skills. A degree of flexibility can be afforded around hours. Benefits include the possibility of a year end discretionary bonus and travel.
£274 - £35225 Hr. / Week

Looking for child carer for 3years old girl

by Mitali • Leeds
Hi , I am looking for child carer for my 3 years old ########.### is delay in speech, but improving now. Looking for some one to boost her improvement by having some communication session. Talked to doctor looks like it’s because of double language.
£92 - £11910 Hr. / Week
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