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ABA Tutor required to help young man morning and evenings.

by Nadine • London
14.38 -20 per hour ,ABA Tutor required to help prompt young man to get ready for daily routines, and also fo Educate him at out .
£75 - £978 Hr. / Week

Fun, patient, practical “Mothers Help” required.

by Pippa • Edinburgh
I am ideally looking for Mary Poppins! I need help with my children; ie after school pick up/drop off, cooking a meal, possibly laundry and sometimes homework. Ideally this would be after school 1 or 2 times a week, with occasional evening babysitting required, and more hours over the school holidays. This can all be negotiated if I can find the right person for our family. My youngest needs picking up at 2.50pm from the local school, and back home ready for my 10y/o - He has Downs Syndrome & is dropped by taxi from his special school around 3.30pm. My 13 y/o daughter gets in around 4pm. If you are flexible and interested in helping a family do contact me directly.
£46 - £596 Hr. / Week

Looking for a great special needs Nanny in the Chiwick area. 14-20 pounds ph.

by Tobi • London
Looking for a caring and experienced nanny to look after my children with special needs . Hours & rate will depend on the person. Please get in touch.
£237 - £30525 Hr. / Week

Epilepsy Baby Carer

by Elena • London
Hi! We are looking for a full time carer for our 10 month old baby girl who is affected by DRAVET Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. She is also in the autism spectrum. First sintoms should appears in the 6 to 12 months. We need a full time carer from the 16th of March. Working time required are Mon - Fri from 9 am to 5.30/6pm. One hour lunch included. Either me or my husband should be home at all times to deal with the potential emergency situations and to administrate Alice's regular drugs. We are based in South East London on the border between Greenwich/Lewisham. Our flat is 5 minutes working from the closest DLR station and 15 minutes walking from both Greenwich and Lewisham stations. Salary: We are first time employers so we only now the average hourly rate in our are is 10.77£. However, this my vary depending on the carer experience. Please feel free to openly discuss this with us.
£75 - £978 Hr. / Day

Looking did someone to look after our happy 7 year old daughter with special needs .

by Rebecca • Sheffield
We would like a Carer to look after our special needs daughter over night every now and then. My daughter is 7, non verbal and still in nappies. She uses pecs to communicate and is a very happy little girl. Ideally we would like someone to stay in the family home with her .
£112 - £145Once, 15 Hr.

Daily Driver needed mornings and afternoons SW11

by Georgia • London
32 year old girl based in Battersea looking for a Monday-Friday driver for regular trips to and from work. Leaving home in Battersea at 9.30 daily and pick ups approx 2.30/3 depending on day. Must have own car and be able to fit in a walking frame. Could fit around school runs? Do not necessarily need the same person for drop off and pick up or even every day. The drop offs and pick ups are local and no more than half an hours drive. Rates to be discussed.
£95 - £12210 Hr. / Week

Live in part time Companion/Carer in Battersea

by Georgia • London
32 year old girl based in Battersea looking for a live in companion/flat share. Someone willing to work 3 days per week. Predominantly evenings and mornings with overnight duties which are minimal . Mornings helping get ready for work and evenings light cooking would be a bonus. Currently carer would like to reduce evening and overnight stays. Therefore looking for a companion to cover. Hours / days negotiable and flexible but accommodation in lovely double bedroom in town house available full time. Rent and renumeration to be discussed and negotiated.
£76 - £978 Hr. / Day

Looking for someone to babysit my autistic brother Oliver, age 19.

by Andrew • Leeds
I'm looking for a friendly caring individual to look after my autistic 19 year old brother Oliver for 7 hours on Monday 10th February. This is a one-off but your services may still be required in the future. He has a much younger mental age than appears. More like 8. He has learning difficulties, has a very short attention span, he can be stubborn at times, he is very shy, suffers with social anxiety and frequent panic attacks. He is very clumsy, he suffered multiple head injuries when he was younger. He's constantly falling over or banging his head on things. He wears a soft protective helmet to protect his head. He likes it, he thinks it's cool, he says he looks like a superhero, bless him. Its just a safety measure. He is also incontinent so you may be required to change his nappy. He simply wont use toilets, never potty trained. He has always been really stubborn. He was bullied when he was younger and finds it hard to trust other people. He gets really anxious around people. We also feed him a vegan diet, mainly because he has allergies to a lot of animal products. I will prepare food for him in advance, you don't have to worry about feeding him. He drinks from a bottle because he is always spilling his drinks. He has a tendency to avoid drinking his bottle because he easily gets distracted by other things. Please make sure he stays hydrated. If he doesn't drink please just take the bottle and feed him. He doesn't mind, we have to do that all the time with him. He also still likes a pacifier occasionally. It comforts him. We just let him have them when not in public and when sleeping, it makes him feel better and helps him to relax. Basically, I'm looking for someone to look after him for 7 hours. I myself cannot on this occasion, which is why im looking for someone to care for Oliver and help me out as a one off. There is chance of future work though, you never know. He loves Lego. He can be very playful, hes like a big kid sometimes. His smile could light up a room. If you could keep him company whilst he builds his Lego or watches TV. He is easily pleased. Also, I would like to add that he must be cared for at the carers place of work. I have had problems in the past with other carers. I have trust issues. I will be locking up my residence when I'm away. I will pack all of Oliver's essentials and he will bring them with him. Thank you.
£54 - £69Once, 7 Hr.

Looking for special needs care

by Sona • London
Am looking Well organized people for my son who is 10 years old.
£19 - £242 Hr. / Week

House manager type

by Joseph • Liverpool
Cooking for family 2 teenager wife husband assist shopping ironing cleaning as husband is parapligic and needs 24 hour care
£119 - £15316 Hr. / Week
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